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How To Create And Keep A House Cleaning Schedule To Keep A Spotless Home

How To Create And Keep A House Cleaning Schedule To Keep A Spotless Home

Between the chaos of everyday life, work, and other responsibilities, keeping a clean home may appear to be a challenge. A daily or weekly cleaning schedule is useful for making cleaning something easy to remember and achieve, this will help you to streamline chores and appreciate your home. There are some quick and simple tips to try to make cleaning your house a daily or weekly habit for your house to stay clean and in order. 

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Daily Cleaning

Here are some cleaning habits and tips to make your cleaning routine more efficient. 

Tips To Keep The House Clean

Put Things Away After Use

Not putting away your belongings is the main cause of clutter and untidiness. Try to scan each room to see if there’s anything that you can put in the right place. Make sure that clothes go back into the cupboard or laundry. It’s easy to leave a pair of shoes by the front door, or some clothing items on a chair in your bedroom. But these things can quickly turn into bigger messes if left for too long. 

Tidy Room By Room

The best way to take on house cleaning is to clean room by room. Splitting up all the cleaning by each room or even by day will help you to achieve one bit at a time, instead of everything at once. Not only does this save time, but also makes cleaning your home easier to schedule and more manageable. When tasks are easier to accomplish, it’s more likely that you’ll keep up with the chores for longer. 

Here’s how you can clean room by room, or while sticking to a schedule.

Cleaning The Bathroom

The quickest way to deep clean your bathroom:

Although there are many all-purpose cleaners you can use for cleaning your bathroom, DIY cleaners are inexpensive and just as effective. 

Here is a simple DIY cleaning recipe:

After washing your hands in the sink or stepping out of the shower, use your natural cleaner and spray down the surfaces. Be sure to run water over them to wash away the cleaning solution. Keeping surfaces clean regularly means that your bathroom will be able to last for longer without having to give your bathroom a full deep clean. And adding essential oils to your cleaning mixture will help to keep the bathroom smelling fresh for longer. 

Cleaning the bedroom

One way to always keep bedrooms clean is with storage solutions. If there are more places for your clothing and accessories, there will be less clutter taking up space in your room, and you’ll more likely want to keep your space clean. You may want to invest in storage containers or baskets placed out of the way or under your bed. Having a fresh change of linen close by makes it easier to remember to change them – do this immediately after placing the old ones in the washing machine. 

Choosing a good bedside table also helps to keep things organised in the bedroom. You can store magazines, books, and things in the drawers rather than just placing them on top to help reduce clutter. 

Tips to keep your bedroom clean daily:

Cleaning The Kitchen

Dishes are usually the cause of a messy kitchen, especially if there are individuals in your home that leave dishes to “soak” in the sink. To reduce the heap of dishes and smells coming from the sink, simply fill one side of the sink with water and a few drops of dish soap. That way throughout the day, dishes can be added to the soapy water to soak so that when they are washed or placed in the dishwasher, it’s easier for grease and food to be removed. 

The kitchen is a great room in the house to stick to a cleaning schedule, simply by using 20 minutes every day. Spend a few minutes cleaning the kitchen after meals, that way you’ll have less mess to deal with, especially in the heart of your home. 

How To Clean The Kitchen Everyday:

Cleaning The Living Room

Your living room receives the majority of foot traffic in your home. It can also become easily cluttered with random everyday household items like books, bags, dishes, and other everyday items that add clutter. Make sure that items are placed back where they belong once you’re done using them so your living room stays tidy. 

How To Keep Your Living Room Clean Daily:

You may want to add a shoe rack, especially if you have carpet floors in the living room. It’s a good idea to have somewhere that you can store shoes so they don’t make contact with your carpet. 

Sticking To A Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is the best way to create a cleaning plan that works for everyone at home. 

How To Create A Cleaning Schedule For Your Home

Make a list of important chores to keep on the fridge, desk, or anywhere that you can easily see. The cleaning schedule should include what needs to be done and by when it should be done. 

By splitting your cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly routines, you will be able to keep your house in perfect order all year round. 

How To Keep The House Clean Daily

Here are 6 daily tasks, that are small, but effective ways to keep your house clean:

Weekly Cleaning

No matter how much you commit to the smaller daily tasks, you probably will still need to take care of bigger tasks once a week.

Weekly cleaning schedule example: 


A weekly cleaning schedule is an easy way to take care of one room at a time. As long as you follow a routine that permits you to focus on a large section of your home each day, cleaning will never be too overwhelming. In addition to daily and weekly cleaning, you should keep monthly cleaning in mind too. This may include vacuuming mattresses, using the easiest and best way to clean your home blinds, curtains and more. By starting with the smaller tasks, you can fill in the gaps with larger cleaning tasks less frequently. Involving your family members can make cleaning more fun. Start with the bigger messes first, whether it’s the kitchen, child’s bedrooms, or the living room. Then you can continue with areas that receive the most traffic. 
For those that work full-time, it may be harder to find the time to commit to cleaning all the time. You may want to book a professional home cleaning service with SweepSouth.

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