How To Keep A Clean House With Pets

Pets are a special addition to a family. They fill a house with plenty of love through wagging tails, cuddles, and kisses. But, with all the happy and special moments, there’s also the added pet hair, dirt being tracked in from outside, and sometimes even scratches. We know that pet lovers would ideally like to keep a clean house while having a pet-friendly home, so we’re here to help.

If you’re finding it difficult to keep your house in pristine condition while having a house crowded with wagging tails, we’ve put together a list of house cleaning tips for pet lovers. Keep showing your pets the same love you do while maintaining a spotless house with the following tips.

How Do You Keep Your House Clean If You Have Dogs And Other Pets?

Use these 6 house cleaning tips and guidelines if you’re a pet owner that wants to maintain a clean house:

  1. Get a robot vacuum cleaner
  2. Have a large stock of pet-friendly blankets
  3. Keep your pets clean
  4. Air your house often
  5. Fill your house with washable 
  6. Use latex gloves to remove pet hair

1. Get A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum

Robot vacuums are designed to clean your floors without you having to lift a finger. They can be programmed to run on a schedule that fits your needs, and many models come with features that are specifically designed for homes with pets. For example, some robot vacuums have powerful suction that can help to remove pet hair from your carpets and upholstery. Others have special filters that capture pet dander and other allergens. And some models even come equipped with self-cleaning brushes that prevent hair buildup. Whether you have a dog, cat, or any other type of pet, a robot vacuum can be a helpful way to keep your home clean.

2. Have A Large Stock Of Pet-Friendly Blankets

Pets shed, track in dirt and mud, and have accidents occasionally. One way to keep your house clean with pets is to have plenty of pet-friendly blankets on hand. That way, you can quickly grab a blanket and throw it over your furniture or bed before your pet makes a mess on your favourite couch or linen. Pet-friendly blankets are also great for cuddling with your furry friend on the couch. In addition to being easy to wash, they’re also usually softer and more comfortable than regular blankets. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your house clean with pets, investing in some pet-friendly blankets is a great solution.

3. Keep Your Pets Clean

Washing your pets regularly may take up quite a bit of time, but it’ll be worth the clean house. Plus, it’s a great way for you and your furry friend to bond and form trust. It will help remove any dirt, mud, or unwanted hair before it has a chance to spread throughout your home. You can also send your pets to the groomer on a regular basis to keep them looking their best and minimise the amount of hair they shed. 

4. Air Your House Often

If you have pets, you know that your house can start to smell like them after a while. Even if you regularly bathe your pets and keep their bedding clean, the animal scent can linger in the air. One way to help combat pet odours is to air out your house regularly. Open the windows and doors to let fresh air circulate through the rooms. You can also run a fan to help circulate the air. In addition, try to vacuum and dust often to remove any pet hair and dander that may be contributing to the odour.

5. Fill Your House With Washable Mats

Dogs and cats are notorious for tracking in dirt and mud, and they often leave behind hair and dander as well. One of the most important things is to have plenty of washable mats throughout the house. Place them at all entrances to catch dirt and debris before it has a chance to spread. In addition, make sure to vacuum regularly and spot-clean as needed. 

6. Use Latex Gloves To Remove Pet Hair

Latex gloves to remove hair

A simple way to keep your house clean with pets is to use latex gloves when removing pet hair. The gloves help to attract the hair, making it easier to remove from upholstery and clothing. In addition, the gloves protect your hands from dirt and bacteria. Simply put on a pair of gloves and run your hand over the affected area. The pet hair will cling to the gloves, making it easy to dispose of. 


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The final tip for maintaining a clean house with many pets running around is to have a deep clean done often. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a SweepStar to perform an unmatched deep cleaning service, you’ll enjoy the sights and smells of a freshly-cleaned house. Use the tips listed above to keep your house in a condition that fills you with pride, as much as the pets you love so much do.

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