How To Keep Fit Over The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are a great time to get away from the noise of the city and relax with your family. If you are trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, you have probably committed and disciplined yourself to stick to healthy eating and exercising regularly. When you go on holiday, these things don’t have to fall away; you don’t want all your effort to go to waste. Instead, you can choose to stay fit and healthy over the summer holidays. Whether you’re staying at home or headed to a holiday destination, in this post we’ll look at helpful tips for you to learn how to keep fit over the summer holidays.

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1. Be Realistic

Try not to be too strict or critical of yourself, otherwise you’ll likely end up having a miserable time on holiday, or you simply won’t exercise or eat healthy at all. Be realistic in how you plan to keep fit and eat healthily, it shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out. 

2. Work Out Before Breakfast

Work out before breakfast

Try to prioritise working out first thing in the morning. Some studies show that fasted cardio is effective for weight loss, especially after the abundance of calories you’ll most likely be consuming the night before. You’ll also create a domino effect, meaning you’re more likely to make healthier choices throughout the rest of your day. 

3. Control Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol should be consumed in moderation while you’re on holiday just  as it would be any other day for health reasons, so try to not go overboard. Alcohol offers little to no nutrients, negatively impacts your sleep, and makes you feel awful the next day. A hangover-free holiday will help you to stay fit.

4. Go Easy On The Buffet

Go easy on the buffet

While you’re on holiday, it’s normal to indulge or cheat-eat, but it’s best to adopt a certain amount of discipline when it comes to the all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will often lead to overeating, which you don’t want if you’re trying your best to keep a healthy eating pattern. For more advice, here are 5 tips for healthy eating during summer

5. Explore By Bicycle

One of the best ways to explore your surroundings is by bike. It’s usually affordable to hire a bike, stress-free, and cooler than public transportation or driving in a car. Riding a bicycle is a great way to burn off calories, meaning you can often indulge guilt-free once you reach your destination. 

6. Drink Lots Of Water 

Drink lots of water

It’s important to stay hydrated while you’re having fun on holiday. Drinking water during your holiday activities will ensure a healthy body and mind, and keep you cool and hydrated during the hottest time of the year. Check out our 10 tips to keep cool this summer for other ways to beat the summer heat.

7. Stay Active At The Beach

If you’re heading to the coast for the summer holidays, there are a wide range of activities you can do at the beach to stay active. While relaxing in the sun for the whole day may be more tempting, take the chance to be active with beach volleyball, football, surfing and scuba diving. This is a great time to try something new while spending time with your family and getting a natural holiday tan. 


Keeping all of these things in mind while you’re away is key to knowing how to keep fit over the summer holidays. When planning your holiday, you may want to look for accommodation that has fitness facilities and equipment for indoor workouts when you feel like it. If you can eat healthily and stay fit while you’re away, once you return home, you’ll feel revitalised and ready to continue tackling your day-to-day regime. 
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