How To Make Christmas Crackers For A Special And Memorable Festive Season

How many people do you know that have tried to make their own Christmas crackers? Not many, right? Well, isn’t it time you stood out from the crowd and left your Christmas guests in awe at how you’ve gone above and beyond this festive season? Anyone can pop off to the shops and buy Christmas Crackers, but not many people are willing to let their creativity soar by learning how to make Christmas crackers.

The great thing about this festive project is that it gives you the opportunity to recycle other bits and pieces that would otherwise have been thrown away. So if you’re up for the (easy) challenge, let’s learn how to make Christmas crackers for that added touch of joy to your celebrations.

DIY Christmas Crackers Kit 

DIY Christmas Crackers Kit

Before we look at the easy steps involved, here are the tools you’ll need to get started:

  • Wrapping paper or other decorative paper – try recycling pieces of wrapping paper used on your Christmas gifts
  • Toilet rolls or kitchen towel rolls
  • Sellotape, sticky tape, or glue
  • Ribbon
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Fillings – toys, jokes, etc. 
  • Cracker snaps (optional)

How To Make Christmas Crackers At Home

How To Make Christmas Crackers At Home

After you’ve gathered the necessary tools for your DIY kit, you’re ready to learn how to make Christmas crackers with toilet rolls, paper, and the little toys and jokes you decide to place inside them. Follow the 7 steps below:

1. Decorate Your Christmas Cracker Paper

If you’re using plain A4 paper, decorate it with different festive colours and patterns. Be as creative as possible, and maybe add a personal touch to each one relating to the person it will be given to. Even something as simple as people’s names will put a smile on their faces. 

Another option is to use wrapping paper that’s leftover after wrapping presents. If you have large enough pieces to cut out A4 sizes, it’s the perfect opportunity to recycle instead of throwing that paper away.

2. Cut Diamond Shapes Into The Paper

Set your paper down on a table with a landscape view and place your toilet roll in the centre of it. If you’re using a cardboard roll from a kitchen towel, cut it out to be the same size as a toilet roll. Score your paper softly with a pair of scissors or cut diamond shapes into the paper with a craft knife on either side of the cardboard roll. Print out this template to size if need be and use it to make the process easier. 

3. Wrap The Paper Around The Roll

Wrap the paper around the toilet roll and glue the ends together, with the edges slightly overlapped. If you don’t have glue, use sellotape or sticky tape to attach the ends together. 

4. Put In A Cracker Snap 

Place a cracker snap through the tube and tape it down on one side of the paper. You can find enough cracker snaps online at affordable prices to make plenty of Christmas crackers for the whole family.

5. Twist And Tie One End Together

Carefully twist the paper on one end of the cracker; the cut-out pieces should make it easier to do. Tie your ribbon around that end to secure it in place. 

6. Fill Your Cracker With Goodies

Now is the time to fill the cracker with whatever goodies you want your guests to find in them. This is also an opportunity to get personal and add things based on each of your loved one’s likes and interests. 

7. Tie The Other Side

Once you’ve filled the cracker with little bits and pieces that will put smiles on everyone’s faces, it’s time to tie the other side with ribbon. Now all that’s left to do is pat yourself on the back, place your homemade Christmas crackers on the table, and get ready for a memorable celebration.

What To Put In DIY Christmas Crackers

What To Put In DIY Christmas Crackers

Not sure what to fill your Christmas crackers with? Here are some ideas that your friends and family will definitely love:

  • Sweets
  • Jokes printed out on paper – festive jokes will be a hit
  • Paper hats
  • Mini toys


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Now that you know how to make Christmas crackers, it’s time to get to work! Spoil your loved ones by taking some time out to test your creativity. Your gesture will be etched in their hearts forever. While you’re at it with the crackers, here are 6 homemade Christmas gift ideas to spoil your loved ones with. If it’s your turn to host the big Christmas celebration, don’t forget to book a cleaning service with SweepSouth. We’re here for you before and after your lunch or dinner to keep your home spotless and free of wrapping paper. Share this post with others who also love testing their craft skills.

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