How To Prepare For Your SweepStar

After creating your first booking with us, you may find yourself wondering, “What happens next?”, “Do I have to tidy up or make it look decent before my SweepStar arrives?”. We can let you know that you are not alone in your thoughts while anticipating your first clean.

We’ve reached out to SweepStars to gather some tips on what you should expect when your SweepStar arrives. Some of the tips may hit home and some may just bring a chuckle out of you that you never expected.

  1. First things first, we’d love a lovely room to change and to leave our bags in. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, customers have us change in rooms where their pets sleep and we often find it is unpleasant for us when changing.
  2. Your house is very unique and when a SweepStar arrives at your house, we want to clean it the way it deserves to be cleaned. State your unique needs but remember to stay humble and within reason. For example, different bamboo, wooden, ceramic, Egyptian floor tiles need different detergents. Let us know what are the specific products you use for each area of your home. Let’s try and avoid lengthy chats while taking us on a walk-through of your home as we have found that this takes away from the valuable time we need to give you a clean, happy home. Brief and to the point is all we need to make you a happy customer.
  3. When it comes to us having a bite to eat during the booking, you are more than welcome to provide us with food. Yes, we bring our own food at times but we definitely wouldn’t mind trying out meals you may have in your fridge and we do enjoy trying out new cuisines and cultural foods.
  4. We love seeing our customers in happy relationships, but it does make us feel a bit awkward when customers display too much affection in front of us. All we ask is that this can be left for after we’ve left your home as we want to feel comfortable when working through your home.
  5. In terms of prepping before we arrive, we have found that when customers have overflowing dishes in the kitchen sink, this does eat up some of the valuable time during the booking as this time could be better spent on getting through your home and ensuring it’s spick and span and up to your standards.
  6. Should you have idle or elderly people in your home or children, we would absolutely love to chat with them. However, we don’t want to spend most of our time taking care of them as we won’t be able to get through all our tasks in your home. We aim to make everyone happy at the end of the day.
  7. Some of us SweepStars are from other countries, such as Malawi and Zimbabwe. We certainly do feel uncomfortable when customers question us about the politics of our home countries as most of us left the country for the very same reasons. If we have refugee status and any mention of traumatic countries may upset a SweepStar. Please be cognizant of this when a SweepStar from a different country arrives at your home.

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