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How To Prepare Your Home For Spring

How to prepare your home for spring

It’s time to get out of hibernation and let that spring air in to breathe new life into your home after a long winter. After all, spring is more than a new season or a new month, it’s a feeling. To get you in the Spring mood, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to this season:

Ready for that feeling? The colourful month of spring is ready to bloom and we want to help you get your home spring-ready – it’s not just about mopping the floors and dusting surfaces – it’s a time to give your home a really good clean, a spring clean! Here are our trusted tips to help you get your home spring-ready: 



Nobody loves cleaning windows, but it’s a task that cannot go undone. With SweepSouth, we’ll relieve you from doing this task and have an experienced SweepStar add that shine to your windows.

After all, nothing adds a sparkle to your home quite like squeaky clean windows.


Even after a thorough clean, you may feel like something is still missing – if your walls aren’t wiped down, this may be the reason. Having your walls included in your regular home cleaning routine means less dust and dirt accumulated over time, resulting in less “elbow grease” when leaving this task undone over a long period of time.


Refrigerators are one of the most hardworking appliances in our homes! Your fridge comes into contact with accidental spills and unwanted odours daily and therefore it is essential to have your fridge thoroughly cleaned regularly, more so ahead of spring as you’ll probably be stocking up on a lot of fresh produce, and a clean fridge keeps your groceries fresher for longer.


The thought of cleaning your oven is often more intimidating than actually doing it, and because of hygiene reasons, it’s a task that cannot be avoided. By adding your oven to your home cleaning checklist, your appliance will be sparkling and remain in great working condition.

Also … it will be far more rewarding when preparing dinner, knowing your oven has been given proper TLC.


Spring is the perfect time to declutter, and your cabinets and cupboards are the perfect places to start. Cabinets are exposed to dust and food particles every day, but having the inside of your cabinets cleaned at least once a month will help maintain a task that is usually a pain when postponed for too long.

It doesn’t take long for new cabinets to start looking old, therefore you should care for them like you would any of your kitchen appliances.

It’s also time to retire the clothing warmers that you’ve snuggled up to all winter and pull out your spring and summer loves that you’ve been dying to wear again. Use this opportunity to sort through what you have and donate what you no longer need or wear, for someone else to love again.



Spruce up your garden with an experienced outdoor SweepStar, who’ll run the sprinklers over your grass and plant areas at least twice a week for a crisp, green, and colourful garden area. They’ll clear your garden of debris, trim your hedges, and plan for fresh plant additions. They’ll also see to your general outdoor maintenance – such as cleaning out the gutters and getting rid of any weeds that may be growing through the concrete of your driveways or patios.


Like your interior windows, cleaning your exterior windows is a mission, a mission that outdoor SweepStars are skilled and experienced to do, efficiently and effectively. Your exterior windows are also going to need some sparkle, especially after all the rain and dust that it has braved during winter.


As the days get hotter, you’ll probably be spending some time in your pool, so while you’re shopping for new swimwear, we’ll give your swimming pool the TLC it deserves, ahead of those hot days.

Now, with every one of your home service appointments, be sure to have your SweepStar attend to a few of these tasks detailed on our spring cleaning checklist to make sure you get your home ready for the change of season.

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