How To Spring Clean Your Office

It’s that time of the year again when spring is approaching quickly and the warmer weather from the sunlight is breaking through the cold chills of winter. You may have your home spring cleaning services covered, but have you considered the hygiene of your workspace? Spring cleaning your office is as important as spring cleaning your home is for a number of reasons. Your productivity at work will translate directly to the success of your company or the company you work for, and one of the ingredients for productivity is a clean office.

If you’re searching for the most effective way to clean your office like a professional, we’ve got some helpful tips and methods to help you along the way. Organise your office and spring into action with the best ways to spring clean your workspace. 

Organise Your Desk And Workspace

Your desk is where you’ll spend the most time, therefore it’s essential that you keep it clean and organised. A dirty or disorganised desk and workspace is not only a physical eyesore, but also makes for a stressed and cluttered mind, which is the opposite of what you’ll want to make every day a productive one. Use the following cleaning and organising methods to organise your desk and increase productivity:

  • Declutter your drawers: chances are your drawers have become a storage space for freebies collected over the years, bits of stationery both old and new, and rubbish that’s not needed anymore. Go through each item bit by bit, and be realistic about what you still need and what can be given/thrown away. Take your personal belongings home with you so that the next time you’re looking for that one necklace or ring, it isn’t left back at the office.
  • Organise your documentation and stationery: go through the documentation on your desk to sort and organise. Throw out anything that’s not needed anymore and file the rest into categories that will be easy to find at a later stage. Sort out any loose stationary lying around and pack away items that aren’t needed immediately and are just creating a mess.
  • Clean in and around your desk: if you have a professional cleaning services company visiting your office regularly then you won’t need to worry about doing deep cleaning yourself, but it’s a good idea to keep disinfecting wipes on your desk to wipe down possible spills and get rid of smudges and fingerprints on your desk, phone, and laptop. 
  • Buy a calendar and plan your daily activities: although this may not count as an immediate spring cleaning activity, planning your days will help to avoid future clutter. Set aside a small amount of time each day to pack away and sort out work from that day. That way, you’re not left with a big mess at the end of the week.

Clean All Furniture

You wouldn’t want your furniture at home to remain in a dirty state, or even get there, so keep the same standard for the office you work in. Professional cleaning companies such as SweepSouth have expert and vetted cleaners that can provide recurring cleaning services so that you and your colleagues can focus your attention elsewhere. When sitting on a clean chair at a clean desk, whether it’s in your own office or a boardroom, the creative juices will flow a lot more when there aren’t any distractions such as desks lined with dust or chairs that squeak constantly from not having received regular cleaning.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Clean floors are not only important for aesthetic reasons (it’s better to have a client walk into an office where they can see their reflection if they look down instead of an old coffee stain), but also for safety purposes. With lots of foot traffic in and out, there are bound to be scuff and dirt marks that make their way onto your office building floors, never mind spills and stains that could cause people to slip. Get a professional cleaner or cleaning service company to keep every square inch of your floors clean so that you have safe passage in and out of work every day and feel proud to walk into an office where hygiene is a priority. 

Clean The Kitchen/Break Room

Chances are your office fridge is like your fridge at home, with old sauces or condiments lying around that need getting rid of. Use this time of the year, as well as other times, to clear out the fridge and cupboards of anything that isn’t being used anymore. Make sure to also clean the microwave, coffee machine, and any other appliances, as well as the countertops and utensils. Keep the kitchen clean so that the time spent during your break is pleasant and relaxed. 

Clean Up Virtually 

While you’re spring cleaning everything in your office surrounding your laptop, tackle the contents on your desktop and virtual workspace too. Go through your emails and read or delete the ones that aren’t doing anything but taking up space. Create an organised digital filing system to match the one on your desk so that every time you turn your laptop on, your mind does not feel overwhelmed, but rather motivated to get through the day’s work.

With your office and workspace spring-cleaned, you’ll head into the new season with a newfound mindset and sense of clarity. This will translate into the productivity you need to get that promotion you so desire. 

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