How to Tackle the Black Friday Mess at Home After Shopping

Black Friday shopping can often bring much more than just discounted goodies into your home. As you unpack your treasures, you might discover a considerable mess that came with them.

But there’s no need for the clutter to spoil your shopping high! We’ve prepared a comprehensive SweepSouth guide to help you organise and clean your space efficiently after your retail expedition. Tackle the Black Friday mess without any stress!

How to Organise Your Black Friday Purchases

Before diving into cleaning, establishing order is paramount. Below are the systematic organisation steps to ensure each new item finds its rightful place in your home without contributing to disorder.

1. Create a Sorting Station

Choose a spacious area where you can comfortably spread out your acquisitions. Having everything in one place will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and will aid in the subsequent steps.

2. Group Similar Items Together

Arrange your items into specific categories. This method isn’t just about neatness; it’s about creating a system where you can easily locate and store these items within your home.

3. Check for Breakages or Faults

Assess each item for any damage or malfunction. The sooner you find out, the easier it will be to arrange returns or exchanges, saving you future inconveniences.

4. Dispose of Unnecessary Packaging Immediately

Get rid of boxes, wrappers, and other packaging materials right from the start. By doing so, you’re not just reducing clutter but also creating a safer space to work within.

5. Assign a Home for Every New Purchase

Decide where you will store each item. If necessary, consider reorganising your space to accommodate your new belongings without creating clutter.

Cleaning Up the Black Friday Aftermath

Post-Black Friday shopping, it’s likely you’ve brought in more than just your bargains. Here’s how to clean up efficiently to restore your home’s comfort and tidiness.

1. Address Spills and Stains Right Away

Any leaks or spills should be tackled immediately. Prompt action prevents them from turning into more permanent and unsightly stains. If they do occur, learn how to clean stains to keep your home in pristine, sparkling condition.

2. Clear Entryways and Hallways

These frequently overlooked areas often collect the most dirt and debris, especially after a shopping trip. A quick clean will make a significant difference.

3. Sanitise Your Purchases

With current health considerations, sanitising your items is a step you shouldn’t skip. A simple wipe-down can go a long way in maintaining hygiene.

4. Refresh the Air

After a day out, especially in crowded spaces, freshening the air in your home ensures comfort and helps in eliminating any lingering germs.

5. Plan for a Thorough Home Cleaning

Finish your post-Black Friday regimen with a deep cleaning session to target areas that are often missed in regular cleanings.


Taking on the task of cleaning and organising after the excitement of Black Friday can be quite the undertaking. SweepSouth offers an effective solution with customised cleaning services to meet your specific needs. Instead of dedicating your valuable time to cleaning, you could be enjoying your new purchases.

The professional cleaners on our platform, vetted for quality and reliability, are at your service with just a few clicks. Booking a SweepSouth cleaning service not only guarantees a clean, organised home but also awards you the luxury of time – time to relax, to explore your interests, or to simply unwind. Experience the post-Black Friday bliss with SweepSouth – your satisfaction is our priority!

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