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Notice anything different? We’ve given ourselves a makeover! Plus we thought our new look deserved a new tagline too. However, you’ll notice that “Clean, Happy, Home.” reflects our core values which remain intrinsic and unchanging, guiding us in making the choices that benefit you- our customers – and our cleaners – the SweepStars behind it all.

In the very beginning we promised ourselves and our clients that SweepSouth would not be just a cleaning company. We’re a company that uses and improves the technology and talents at our fingertips to deliver the best quality service available. We’re a team that respects your personal space and that treats you home as if it were our own. And lastly, we’re dreamers that believe there’s a better way to think about the cleaning industry, an easier way to connect those in need of help in the home with those in need of work, with less frustration and more opportunity.

From our SweepStars to our management and everyone in between, you’ll see how our core values are reflected in our every action and decision…

QUALITY We want you to trust that when you book a clean with SweepSouth, you’re putting your home in good hands. That’s why our cleaners are all vetted and rated.

PROGRESS Technology is our friend, and we’re constantly evolving and innovating to make our service a simple one for our customers and SweepStars. We’re also pioneering the formalisation and simplification of the home services industry using technology to create more work opportunities.

TASTFUL Every interaction with SweepSouth should leave you feeling as good as you do when you come home to a clean house. We focus on bringing harmony to homes by bringing out their true potential.

WE CARE Caring deeply about the wellbeing and careers of our cleaners, as well as the homes and happiness of our clients ensures we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our service delivery.

PEACE OF MIND We know it’s hard trusting someone new in your home, that’s why we vet and insure all our cleaners, why we encourage all customers to rate their SweepStars’ service and why we promise to come back and finish the job if you’re in any way unhappy with a clean – no questions asked! We also aim to bring peace of mind to our cleaners by providing them with steady income and the opportunity to grow.

FRESH We believe in making the home a place to revitalise the body and inspire the mind, one that you want to escape to, not escape from. For us, keeping a fresh approach to our service means always looking for ways to use technology to make the entire process of booking a cleaner simple and easy for all.

We’ve got some new exciting features up our sleeve that show just how dedicated to innovation we are, keep your eyes peeled – more information coming soon!

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