Keeping the Drapes Looking Great: Curtain-Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Curtains not only serve a practical purpose in our homes, but they also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of our living spaces. They deserve good care, and that includes proper cleaning. However, during the cleaning process, certain mistakes are commonly made, which can potentially ruin your lovely curtains. In this post, we outline some curtain-cleaning mistakes you should avoid to keep your curtains looking their best.

4 Curtain-Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Mistake 1: Not Checking the Label

The most common curtain-cleaning error people make is not checking the care label before starting. Many curtains require specific cleaning methods. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to discolouration, shrinkage, or even permanent damage to your curtains.

Mistake 2: Overlooking the Dusting Stage

Before plunging into deep cleaning, dusting off your curtains is a crucial first step. Many people skip this stage, which results in the dust turning into a muddy mess once it comes into contact with a cleaning solution. Always dust or vacuum your curtains before applying any liquid.

Mistake 3: Using Harsh Cleaning Agents

Another common mistake is using harsh detergents or bleaches that can fade the colour of your curtains or weaken the fabric. Always opt for gentle, fabric-friendly cleaners to preserve the lifespan and appearance of your curtains.

Mistake 4: Incorrect Drying Method

Curtains, especially those made of delicate materials, should not be wrung out or machine-dried, as these processes can cause the fabric to stretch or shrink. Instead, allow them to air dry in a shaded area.
Now that you’re aware of the mistakes to avoid during curtain cleaning, here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind:

Curtain Cleaning Tips

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  1. Regular Dusting: Make a habit of regularly dusting or vacuuming your curtains. This will reduce the buildup of dust and allergens, keeping your curtains fresh and your home healthier.
  2. Spot Cleaning: For minor stains, consider spot cleaning instead of washing the entire curtain. Use a gentle fabric cleaner and a soft cloth to lift the stain.
  3. Professional Cleaning: For delicate or ornate curtains, consider seeking the help of professionals. They have the expertise and equipment to safely clean your curtains without causing damage.


With the right methods and a bit of care, curtain cleaning can be a breeze, and your curtains can serve as beautiful accents in your home for years to come. However, if you are unsure about cleaning your curtains or simply don’t have the time, remember that professional help is just a click away.

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