Office Cleaning: Improving Workplace Productivity and Health

Ever wondered what you can do to get the extra edge for yourself and your employees in the workplace? The answer is actually fairly simple – it lies in the level of cleanliness. Office cleaning is the key to maintaining a clean and organised office, which is crucial for promoting a productive and healthy space. A clean office can help employees stay focused and motivated, while also reducing the number of sick days that are taken. 

In fact, studies have shown that a clean and organised workplace can lead to greater employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and decreased sick leave. In this article, we’ll explore how office cleaning can lead to improved workplace productivity and health. At SweepSouth, office cleaning is a service we’re proud to offer as part of our professional cleaning and gardening services.

How a Clean Office Improves Productivity

How a clean office improves productivity

From marketing to accounts, a spotless office is the base for a productive team. When people step into a clean workplace, they will naturally feel more motivated and stay more focused throughout the day. Let’s look at the different ways a clean office improves productivity through the following improvements:

  1. Reduced Clutter
  2. Improved Air Quality
  3. Better Lighting

1. Reduced Clutter

Clutter can have a significant impact on productivity in the office. Having unnecessary objects and items laying around makes it difficult for employees to focus on their tasks and stay organised. This can lead to distractions, stress, and an overwhelming feeling which ultimately decreases productivity. In addition, clutter also makes it difficult to find other items that are needed, which wastes time. Use the following tips to keep your workspace clutter-free:

  • Declutter regularly – Adopt a ‘clean desk’ policy at work that encourages everyone to clear out their desk of any clutter at the end of each day.
  • Provide adequate storage – Filing systems such as drawers, cabinets, and shelves will help keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Digitise documents – Storing information online reduces paper clutter and makes it easier to find really important physical documents.
  • Use labels – Organising and finding are much easier when everything is labelled. 

2. Improved Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality often leads to health issues such as headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, and allergies. These problems cause employees to be demotivated and less productive. On the other hand, sufficient and good air quality results in a positive and hard-working attitude. Follow these 4 tips to improve air quality in the office:

  1. Keep a clean office to help remove dust, dirt, and other pollutants from the air.
  2. Use air purifiers to help remove pollutants from the air.
  3. Increase ventilation to bring in more fresh air and remove stale air.
  4. Avoid using products with chemicals as much as possible as they can release harmful pollutants into the air. Stick to green cleaning as much as possible.

3. Better Lighting

The lighting in a workplace plays a key role in the work that is produced. If there isn’t enough light or if it is of a poor quality, it could result in all sorts of complications. These include eye strain and headaches, reduced alertness and energy levels, and a lack of focus and concentration. Ensure the lighting you use in your office gets the most out of your employees by making them feel comfortable.

How a Clean Office Promotes Health

How a clean office promotes health

Just like a clean home, a clean office is a space that feels inviting, comfortable, and most importantly, healthy. The cleaner your workplace is, the healthier employees of that company will be. With a reduced amount of dust, dirt, and dander, there are fewer germs and allergens to worry about, meaning fewer sick days will be taken. Keep the following cleaning tips in mind when improving the cleanliness of your office:

  1. Regular Disinfection
  2. Proper Ventilation
  3. Adequate Hygiene Supplies

1. Regular Disinfection

Disinfecting regularly helps to kill germs and bacteria that are the cause of illnesses. It also helps reduce the spread of viruses, which provides a healthier environment for employees and visitors. Here are a few tips on how to disinfect effectively:

  • High-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and keyboards are more likely to harbour germs and should therefore be disinfected frequently.
  • Choose a disinfectant that is natural, but still effective, and follow instructions carefully.
  • Be sure to follow proper cleaning procedures before disinfecting to ensure all dirt and debris are removed.
  • Allow the disinfectant to have the minimum contact time required before wiping the surface clean.
  • Use protective equipment to ensure there are no accidents while disinfecting.

2. Proper Ventilation

A well-ventilated workplace is conducive to good health because it encourages pollutants and allergens to be removed from the air. Here are 4 tips for getting rid of germs and viruses by keeping a well-ventilated space:

  1. Maintain air conditioners and other HVAC systems properly to ensure they’re effective. Proper maintenance should include regular cleaning, filter replacement, and maintenance by a qualified technician. 
  2. Avoid the growth of mould and bacteria by controlling humidity levels.
  3. Install natural ventilation, such as windows and skylights, to welcome nature’s elements into your office.
  4. Employees should be encouraged to take outdoor breaks so that they’re getting sufficient fresh air.

3. Adequate Hygiene Supplies

No one likes an unhygienic office, especially when it’s shared by lots of people. Promoting and providing good hygiene practices in your workplace will ensure employees go home healthy and happy, and arrive back with the same attitude the next day. Here are some hygiene practices to keep top of mind for your office:

  • Provide sufficient soap dispensers in bathrooms.
  • Ensure there is always an adequate supply of tissues and hand towels.
  • Hire a cleaning services company that does professional, regular cleaning.
  • Promote good hygiene practices that include covering coughs and sneezes, being respectful of other people’s hygiene preferences, and staying home when feeling unwell.


Office cleaning plays an essential role in the output quality a workforce will deliver. The cleaner, tidier, and more organised a workplace is, the healthier and more productive its employees will be. If you’re looking to improve the state of your office and discover the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services, SweepSouth cleaning services is the ideal solution for you. The professional cleaners you can book are vetted, experienced, and always do a magnificent job.

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