One Month Since Our Launch

Cleaning in Progress

It’s been a month since we launched our SweepSouth platform and it has certainly been an eventful one! The month included a few iterations to the design of the site, the introduction of a (pretty generous!) R100 discount on cleans, our Eco-Friendly products being launched, some awesome and inspiring meetings, and an upcoming change in our slogan (by popular vote from “We Clean Your Place.” to “You Click, We Clean.”).

Considering that our platform is the first marketplace in South Africa dedicated to matching clients with professional cleaners, this was also a monumental achievement for us in that sense. Our first online booking was the first time that a domestic service was booked through a real-time platform in South Africa. Woohoo technology!!

We initially suffered from the typical startup co-founder experience – (1) Great Idea … Check! (2) Great Solution … Check! (3) Customers … hmm. However, we were overjoyed to discover that we had indeed exceeded our targets for the first month.

It was without doubt a great month, but it was not without its cringe moments. Like the time we cold-emailed a group of all of the Johannesburg estate agents from a well known company. Among a few positive replies was this one, “Next time you decide to email our entire office, why don’t you look up the correct spelling of our company.” FAIL

We are super excited about what the next few months will bring, and particularly about leaving more and more clients smiling after using our service. Next month we hope to keep on making small improvements to the site and to launch our new promo video. Those of you who live in Joburg may be lucky enough to spot Alen and I handing out promotional materials at shopping malls and traffic intersections in our SweepSouth t-shirts. Please say “Hi”!

Thanks to our awesome friends and family for all of the support, encouragement and constructive criticism. It has all been invaluable to us, especially at this early stage. Please do keep on contributing your thoughts, and we’d love you to sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on SweepSouth news. We should have the first edition out in mid-July.

Until next week then, keep it tidy!

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