7 Tips To A Cleaner, Happier Kitchen

The kitchen should be a place of pleasure, not frustration. But –and here’s the catch 22 – keeping the kitchen enjoyable means keeping it clean too. Here are our top 7 ways to spend less time cleaning, while still doing it properly… 1. Start with an empty sink. When you start with an empty sink you can rinse and load messy utensils and dishes immediately after using them instead of leaving them to sit piling up in the sink and becoming tougher to wash by the hour. Make sure you know how to clean the kitchen sink so that it doesn’t … Continue reading 7 Tips To A Cleaner, Happier Kitchen

9 Body and Mind Benefits of a Clean Home

Cleaning often feels like nothing more than a chore, but there’s loads of benefits that come with keeping your home tidy. 1. Minimise Allergies Regular cleaning is the best way to reduce dust and other irritating allergens in the home. Chores like sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming help free the house from allergens that cause cold and flu-like symptoms, helping people with allergies and asthma to breathe easier. 2. Healthier Family This might sound like an obvious one, but the more you clean and disinfect, the less germs, bacteria and dust you have in the home and the better chance you … Continue reading 9 Body and Mind Benefits of a Clean Home

5 Quick Cleaning Saves Until Your Next Cleaning Appointment

Get your home ready for company in just 25 minutes… You’ve been clever and have booked a SweepSouth cleaning for the morning after your dinner party, but if you’re cooking you won’t have much time to worry about tidying up before your guests arrive. Here’s our top five cleaning quick fixes that will get your house in shape for company in just 25 minutes… 1. Leave the bedrooms Unless your bathroom is off your bedroom (or you’re having a housewarming and will be expected to give a tour of the house) guests usually don’t spend time in the bedrooms, so … Continue reading 5 Quick Cleaning Saves Until Your Next Cleaning Appointment

Don’t judge the model, judge the practice

The recent vitriol directed at the Uber-model is unfounded. This has been a tumultuous few weeks for businesses using the so-called ‘sharing-economy’ or ‘Uber-model’. On the 10th of March, UN Women launched an unprecedented partnership with Uber with the goal to create one million jobs for women by the year 2020. The press release stated that the purpose of the partnership was to work ‘toward a shared vision of equality and women’s empowerment’. Then, eight days later, UN Women cancelled the partnership. With the announcement of the UN Women-Uber partnership, many businesses using the Uber-model issued a sigh of relief. … Continue reading Don’t judge the model, judge the practice

Web Summit 2014 – 7 lessons for startups

In our previous post we wrote about our experience at the Web Summit, and some of the things that were positive and not so great about attending. As mentioned one of our biggest “aha” moments was when we realised that while being an event for tech startups, the Web Summit itself is also a startup, and that there are some great lessons to be learned from how they operate, and have been able to grow from 400 attendees to over 22 000 in the last four years. Here are our takeaways: 1. Small can be good. We discussed with some … Continue reading Web Summit 2014 – 7 lessons for startups

10 Ordinary Household Items, 10 Extraordinary Household Uses

At SweepSouth, we’re all for recycling, upcycling, or even downcycling (just don’t try to get us bicycling!). It’s therefore our pleasure to give you a list of some extraordinary things you can do with ordinary household items. Check it out below! 1. Packing Peanuts 2. Pantyhose 3. Plastic Milk Jugs 4. Ice-cube Trays 5. Shower Caps 6. Toothpaste 7. Baby Wipes 8. White Wine or Apple Cider Vinegar 9. Coffee Filters 10. Coke 1. Packing Peanuts Spritz (my favourite word) perfume on to packing peanuts and hide amongst clothes or bedding for some cheap but effective deodorisers. Another great use … Continue reading 10 Ordinary Household Items, 10 Extraordinary Household Uses

Startup Lessons: Event-driven Customer Acquisition

We all know how important it is to track your site’s page views. But page-view information by itself is as useful as having a web site that tells people what you do without providing the means for them to take immediate action. Enter event-driven analytics. Event-driven analytics is a means of analysing user behaviour through events in real-time. This serves as an immediate feedback loop that you can harness to align your service or product to customer needs and ultimately increase the conversion rate. In this post, I will share a story that highlights the importance of good event-driven analytics. Analysing … Continue reading Startup Lessons: Event-driven Customer Acquisition

A Clean Home and A Happy Mind

Many people think of home cleaning as something done reluctantly, that is ticked off near-last on a to-do list full of “I don’t want to but I probably should” chores. However, data from a recent UK study commissioned by home cleaning service Homejoy suggests that keeping your home clean is more important than we may think. After conducting an in-depth survey on both women and men on their home cleaning habits, the study concluded the following: 42% of women cited mess and dirt at home as the top cause of their stress 18% of men said that cleaning was a … Continue reading A Clean Home and A Happy Mind

The SweepSouth Vision

  The idea for SweepSouth came to us while Alen and I searched fruitlessly for someone to assist with domestic cleaning over the December holidays. Like many South Africans, we are fortunate enough to have assistance at home with domestic cleaning. However, with our regular hero sis Ntombi away for the holidays, we seemed fated to spend the vacation divvying up chores. We had previous dealings with some of the popular “agencies” in the country, and the experience had left us with a sour taste in our mouths. The ladies the agencies presented had no enthusiasm for the job, and … Continue reading The SweepSouth Vision