Make the most of lockdown summer

While the pandemic is still here for the foreseeable future, we’ve rounded up some socially-distanced
experiences to make the most of what’s left of summer.

SweepSouth Safety, this new year

Cleaning and sanitising has taken on a whole new meaning in the last year. Find out what it means to SweepSouth this new year.

Signs it’s time to hire a SweepStar

Undecided whether to keep doing the cleaning yourself, or make use of a professional home cleaner? Here are the signs that it’s time to invest in a SweepStar.

Safety First This Festive Season

Prepping for the holidays can be stressful, more so as entertaining this time around is going to be so much different than what we’re used to. But with our tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to welcome your guests and not feel stressed as you navigate (safe) holiday hosting this year.

One Million Reasons to Celebrate

A LETTER FROM OUR CEO We are incredibly grateful, proud and motivated to have reached 1 million work opportunities on the SweepSouth platform. It’s a milestone I don’t think we could have fathomed when we launched SweepSouth out of our home in 2014, and wondered what it would feel like to get to over 100…

How To Prepare For Your SweepStar

After creating your first booking with us, you may find yourself wondering, “What happens next?”, “Do I have to tidy up or make it look decent before my SweepStar arrives?”. We can let you know that you are not alone in your thoughts while anticipating your first clean. We’ve reached out to SweepStars to gather…

Breast Cancer Awareness

According to the Cancer Association of South Africa, South African women have a one in nine chance of getting cancer, with breast cancer topping the list of possibilities. The month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, which is an international campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer and to help charities focused around…

What Our Customer Have To Say

As you know, it’s easy for us to say that our brand and services are great and easy to use, but our word alone cannot reassure you and entice you to give us a try. We have to do a lot more to gain your trust as a customer, and with that being said, there…