6 Work From Home Office Setup Tips

It’s uncertain how long remote working will still be in force, but if a recent survey by Flexjobs, a US jobs listing site is anything to go by, it may be for some time. The survey showed that an astonishing 65 percent of pandemic remote workers want to keep on working from home, with 58 percent saying they’d look for a new job if they had to return to the office and leave behind their work from home desk setup. Working from home offers many comforts, such as your work commute being reduced to a few short steps and the … Continue reading 6 Work From Home Office Setup Tips

Make A Difference

Meet SweepStar Thokozani Phiri! She needs your help to rebuild her life and improve her living conditions. After a dreadful flood that occurred last month, Thokozani lost everything leaving her and her 11-year-old daughter without a proper place to sleep. “We were living in a room that had holes which resulted in the rain drenching and damaging all my furniture,” she says.  Thokozani currently lives in a room with her daughter with little to nothing. “We’re sleeping on a mattress that a neighbour gave us and a hot plate which only works on one side,” she says. Her biggest hope … Continue reading Make A Difference

Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day South Africa 2021 fast approaching, shops are filled with gift ideas of chocolates, clothing, jewellery and more. And while these are all great gifts, one that’s likely to give your mother much more joy this Mother’s Day is the gift of time. With mothers generally running off their feet, ‘my time’ is certainly a rare commodity for these important people in our lives. There are a number of ways in which to do this, and here are some ideas.  Time to enjoy their meals  From breakfast to lunch, snacks to dinner, your mom knows just what every … Continue reading Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day

Here’s Why Mother’s Day Is Important

A mother offers comfort, support and security! From late night calls to a shoulder to cry on, mothers always go out of their way to make us feel right at home. This Mother’s Day 2021 we’re celebrating moms, grandmothers, pet moms and mother figures around the world! We would like to thank you for always being there, supporting us, comforting us and showing us the way. Afterall you’re the real reason why a house feels like a home. Here’s 5 Mother’s Day Ideas to help you make this special day and month unforgettable. Spoil Her With A Thoughtful Gift  Mothers … Continue reading Here’s Why Mother’s Day Is Important

Here’s How To Make To Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Meet Sylvia Thusi from Soweto! After losing both her husband and her mother in less than a year, Sylvia has been struggling to make ends meet. Help her invest in her three children’s Mpilenhle, Sanele and Ntando’s future by raising funds for their education. “As a single parent I failed to provide my kids with food, school uniform and stationery,” says Sylvia.  With two of her children attending Langlaate Technical High School, she’s struggling to buy the necessary items for them to pass their exams. Mpilenhle and Sanele both have a passion for engineering and nothing would make Sylvia happier than … Continue reading Here’s How To Make To Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

SweepSouth’s Take On The Domestic Worker Industry

We’re passionate about changing the way South Africa views the Domestic Worker Industry. This is why over the next few posts we’ll be answering some of the questions a lot of people have regarding SweepSouth and SweepStars. Change Starts With Leadership Part of this includes the words we use – moving away from loaded terms like “maid” and “char”, we’ve taken the approach of a fresh start with the term “SweepStar” to describe the people at the centre of what we do. We are uplifted each time we see SweepStars referred to in this way, as it represents how a positive … Continue reading SweepSouth’s Take On The Domestic Worker Industry

5 Ways Busy Parents Can Make The Most of Easter Holiday Time

When it comes to Easter Holidays in South Africa 2021, a lot of planning is involved prior to actually going anywhere. Once the whole family has arrived safely at the holiday destination, there’s unpacking, entertainment and activities and cleaning to think of.  Unless you’ve booked a luxury escape package at an idyllic resort where your every whim is taken care of, you’re likely to find yourself in self-catering accommodation where you can cater to your family’s every need. This can be exhausting for the planner of the family.  And parents deserve a break too! Quality time with loved-ones is a … Continue reading 5 Ways Busy Parents Can Make The Most of Easter Holiday Time

What is Human Rights Day?

Celebrated on 21 March, Human Rights Day in South Africa commemorates the sacrifices many people had to make for a better future. On this historic day, we’re reminded that all humans should be treated with dignity. So, as a South African, when you do take time off on this day, it’s important to reflect and look back on everything that happened and what we need to remember. Here’s 5 facts why Human Rights Day 2021 is to be celebrated:  “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and … Continue reading What is Human Rights Day?

SweepSouth Foundation Launches New Initiative

SweepSouth, the number one home services platform in South Africa, is launching a new initiative to raise funds in hopes to better the lives of domestic workers in South Africa who need help. It is the latest project being supported by the SweepSouth Foundation which was founded last year. Called Make A Day, Change A Life, it will be an ongoing initiative to highlight the needs of a different SweepStar (the workers using the SweepSouth platform) each month. The public will also have an opportunity to nominate a domestic worker in South Africa of their choosing who needs help. “Domestic … Continue reading SweepSouth Foundation Launches New Initiative

Why is International Women’s Day Important?

Inspiring, Ambitious & Strong – She’s One In A Million. For centuries, sisters, mothers, aunts and daughters around the globe have made their mark. The road wasn’t always easy, but women around the world continue to fight for equality. And on International Women’s Day 8 March 2021, over 100 countries come together to celebrate the power of women and how far they have come – especially in the cultural and political sphere. But why is International Women’s Day important? The significant day emerged from a movement in the early 1900s, where women came together in the streets of New York … Continue reading Why is International Women’s Day Important?