8 Patio Décor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Your patio should make you want to spend more time outdoors. Even with a small patio, you can transform the smallest spaces into inviting areas of your home, for relaxing and entertaining. You could start with the furniture; individual pieces instead of matching sets can fit into your space better. Plants are also perfect for adding some privacy to your patio, and of course, some budget-friendly outdoor lighting to make the area usable at any time of the day. If you’re looking to invest in your garden décor, keep reading for more patio décor ideas. 

  1. Use bright accessories
  2. Change your paving
  3. Spruce up your outdoor decor with paint
  4. Folding furniture
  5. Cover the walls with fresh greenery
  6. Add a patio umbrella
  7. Patio wall lighting
  8. Make DIY decorations

1. Use Bright Accessories 

Use bright accessories

If you’re planning to entertain friends and family this summer, when looking at patio décor ideas, you could also transform your veranda, courtyard or patio for get-togethers. Adding some personality to your garden and patio with colourful accessories makes it perfect for hosting. Choose some bold pieces and fun prints or patterns to instantly elevate your patio without needing a complete revamp of the design. Colourful glassware is also a nice touch for summer and you can give your patio a nice feel with string lights that will keep the area illuminated, even once it gets dark. 

2. Change Your Paving

Change your paving

To easily improve the appearance of your patio and its décor, changing the flooring is a great way to start. There are so many different options to choose from for flooring, especially if your patio is looking old and worn. You may want to look at stores like Patio Warehouse for the biggest range of patio furniture, including lounge sets, umbrellas, and pergolas, as well as accessories like cushions, artificial plants and flowers, drink trays and more. New flooring can instantly transform the area, whether you go with traditional brick pavers, coloured pavers, or even patterned pavers for an exciting look. Best to choose a flooring type that fits within your budget and your décor goals.

If you don’t have the budget right away for a new patio floor, then you may want to consider cleaning your patio with a pressure washer or covering it with an outdoor rug. You could even try painting your current pavers with a nice stencil design. 

3. Spruce up Your Outdoor Decor With Paint

Spruce up your outdoor décor with paint

You can try painting some areas of your patio or garden to spruce up its appearance. There are many colours to choose from, so go for your favourite ones. You could even paint a mural or patterns on your fence to make it more interesting. It’s recommended that you choose a paint shade that enhances your existing décor. Or, choose green tones if you want to add space to a small patio. 

Here you can check out exterior house colour ideas for painting your exterior, siding, front door, and more. 

4. Folding Furniture

Folding furniture

If you have a smaller patio, you should bring in some versatility and space-savvy furniture. Folding chairs are practical and can add a whimsical element to your décor. They’re a good idea for small patios as they can be moved around if you need to make space, and they make a simple addition to your patio décor. The chairs can also be folded and stored away in the garage or shed.

5. Cover The Walls With Fresh Greenery

Cover the walls with fresh greenery

Try to decorate your walls vertically to soften the space, and incorporate plants to make the walls feel less plain and a bit more tropical-like. Vertical gardens are beneficial when space is limited as they provide a bit more floor space for stylish patio furniture. 

6. Add A Patio Umbrella

Add a patio umbrella

Patio décor is not complete without shade overhead for the hot summer days, and a green classic parasol is a creative way to achieve this. But, you can also always use neutral tones to complement the pool paving, and you can also use patio umbrella ideas as a way to add a bolder splash of colour. 

7. Patio Wall Lighting

Patio wall lighting

It’s a good idea to implement a lighting plan for your patio décor in the same way that you would your interior home design. You should think about the elements of your outdoor space that you would like to highlight for practical and stylish reasons. Exterior lighting can boost the colours and textures of your patio materials and furniture, including your plants. You may want to go for downward-facing wall-mounted lights that make for a relaxing atmosphere to be enjoyed by everyone. 

8. Make DIY Decorations

Make DIY decorations

Adding candles is a great way to add some natural light to your patio area. Consider dotting around paper lanterns with candles inside if it’s not too windy; they can also light the flooring in the area of your patio.

Or, you can simply place candles on a tabletop or shelves to add light to the area. Regardless of the size of the space, a simple table, even a DIY one, can spruce up your patio and give it an instant lift. Or fill terracotta plant pots with sand and firmly place candle sticks inside so they are kept in place when they are lit. It’s an affordable garden idea and an easy way to simply decorate your space without having to spend too much money on accessories that may be thrown away after being used once. 


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With these patio décor ideas, we hope you find inspiration to upgrade your patio area. To decorate your space cheaply, you don’t necessarily need a large budget. Simply get creative with your bricks and paving, and upscale older furniture items. You can redo your old furniture by painting it or adding some new upholstery. Painting the fence is also one of the quickest ways to upgrade the appearance of your patio. You may already have some old plain paint laying around, that way you can paint the fences at no extra cost. Also, buying second-hand furniture is another way to get new, but cheaper furniture that can completely transform the appearance of your patio and give you a place to relax on the weekend. 

If your garden is in need of a trim or a clean-up so that you can focus on the decorations, book a gardening service with the SweepSouth outdoor team to have your garden transformed and regularly maintained. 

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