Popular Spring Fashion Trends

The coldest days of winter are now behind us, some trees are starting to bloom and you may have noticed you no longer need to wear a huge jacket like a few months ago. With spring around the corner, you may have already started spring cleaning your home. Whether you’ve started clothes shopping for spring or not, it can be rather daunting when it comes to choosing stylish warmer weather threads. Many trends are styles brought back from the 90s and 2000s, in the form of ultra-low-rise pants, micro-minis, and halter necks. To help you with your spring wardrobe this year, here are 12 trends that you will want to add to your closet.

1. Platforms

Platform shoes are timeless, and the extra height is perfect to make you feel taller on certain days when you need to feel extra powerful. You can choose platforms in any style of shoe you like nowadays. Whether it be clogs, sneakers, or boots, most designers and retailers have their versions of fashionable stilts. The best thing about spring clothing is its versatility, platforms can be paired with almost any outfit.

2. Patterned Sets

If you live life on the go, sets are ideal for you. They’re simple and quick and you can get one for almost every occasion. If you work from home, ditch your regular sweatpants for a patterned set for a more elevated look, and wear a two-piece pant or skirt set. For comfort in the evenings, patterned PJs count too.

3. Feathers

Feathered Clothing

Feather clothing items have been making a comeback for a few years, they add a non-traditional flair to any clothing item. You don’t have to go full-on feathers, but a feathered detail or trim elevates any plain outfit into something more exciting.

4. Grass Green

Green Clothing

While the colour green may not be your favourite, it is a shared favourite among spring fashion lovers this year. Grass green has been quite a thing for the past 18 months, seen on high-fashion runways and e-commerce retailers. The shade can breathe life back into your older spring outfits when nicely paired with a crisp blazer, a bucket hat, or a pair of slingback sandals.

5. Skirt Suits

Skirt Suit

These smart outfits have been seen on the runway and among our favourite celebrities. What’s even better is if you don’t have to buy a new one. Drag up mom’s old corporate uniform from the 80s and take it to get tailored to give it a more modern twist. If you’re buying, try to modernise things by playing with textures and patterns.

6. Oversized Bags

Oversized Bags

Micro-purses are a thing of the past. An oversized bag that will fit way more than just your phone is in. This spring accessory trend is almost like a counterculture movement to the tiny bags that dominated the fashion scene throughout 2019. If you’re not so keen on giant leather hobo bags, you can always grab a large canvas bag instead.

7. Maxi-Skirts

Maxi Skirts

Long or maxi skirts are the perfect transitional item for spring, long enough to keep your legs warm without losing comfort in tight trousers. Maxi skirts are supposed to be staples in your wardrobe, but with the arrival of spring, it’s time to have more fun with these large skirts. You should get yourself an asymmetrical, metallic, or pleated large skirt, or all of the above.

8. Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are set to be a huge trend this spring. This is another nostalgic trend making a comeback from the 70s cool-girl look famously seen on runways. From aviators to retro sporty shades, there are so many stylish frames to choose from. Sunglasses like these are perfect for going in incognito mode when the time calls for it.

9. Trench Coat

Trench Coat

A trench coat is another closet staple to make a comeback this spring. Many celebrities can give you inspiration for your spring outfits. Pleather, leather, or any other fabric trench coat is a perfect match for anything. Even some sweats make any comfortable outfit a bit more chic.

10. Catsuits Or Jumpsuits

Like baby onesies, but make it stylish. There’s nothing easier than quickly putting on a one-piece garment in the morning and not having to think about what goes with your outfit. While dresses and rompers may seem like the easiest go-to, the luxurious rise of a catsuit is like the couture version of an overall. And for a night on the town, a skin-tight catsuit is all you need.

11. Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs have been on the rise – they’re not too much of a commitment and are perfect for holding all your essentials, so your arms can feel open and free. Additional spring colours will be about grounding ourselves through natural tones inspired by nature, like sane, with playful pops of colour such as orange, bright pink and blue, yellow, and of course, soft, grass green.

We hope these spring trends help you with pairing your outfits this spring. Hopefully, you already have a few items in your cupboard ready to be turned into fashionable, stylish outfits for spring. With this list, pairing your spring items shouldn’t be so daunting, but rather exciting for the new warm season.

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