Reaffirming our Commitment to Non-discrimination and Equity

SweepSouth’s commitment to non-discrimination and equity

At SweepSouth we are committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equity throughout the company. We achieve this in several ways:

 – We equalise the playing field by allowing SweepStars to rate customers, giving them power not seen outside of the platform to decide who they want to work for.

– We do not categorise our SweepStars by any segment which could promote xenophobia, racism, or sexism. We purely show customers the best SweepStars based on their performance when you book. This list cannot be filtered.

– Any reported instances of racist behaviour of customers towards SweepStars (and vice versa) will lead to deactivation off the platform

– SweepSouth has run education campaigns with SweepStars related to xenophobia, and we emphasise themes in our SweepStar chat groups related to fair treatment of themselves and the way they treat others (whether clients or fellow SweepStars)

– We have a strict anti-discrimnation policy for our employees which ensures that the way SweepSouth colleagues treat each other, customers, and SweepStars is consistent with our values. To view our mission statement, which supports this, please see

– We have played an ever increasing role through our annual reports in surfacing data related to domestic worker work conditions and pay, and have used this to promote awareness among employers and drive advocacy with government and civil society.

– We are one of the few tech-startups in the world with a black female CEO, Aisha Pandor. Aisha ensures that she consistently promotes the empowerment of, and provides support to, other black and female startup founders

– We continue to have an incredibly diverse internal team which is 72% female and non-binary, and 80% Black (black African, ‘coloured’ and Indian)

– We have held diversity forums internally.

– We have played a role in many international initiatives that are focused on gender equity, such as the IFC’s Digital2Equal initiative

– We continue to advocate for and support LGBTQ rights, both internally, in our marketing and with our SweepStars.

This list above is non-exhaustive, and even though we have all this in place, we are committed to continually growing and evolving in a dynamic and meaningful way, engaging with external third-party bodies and our own team to find new ways to solidify our commitment to non-discrimination. 

This is an ongoing and important dialogue for SweepSouth, as we are aware that non-discrimination is not a static issue.

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