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Report On Pay And Working Conditions For Domestic Work In South Africa 2019

They clean our homes and keep our offices tidy by providing expert cleaning services, but just how well is the domestic workforce in South Africa being taken care of? The second annual SweepSouth Report on Pay and Working Conditions for Domestic Work in South Africa shows that despite the minimum wage being raised recently, most people in this sector are still unable to cover their basic living expenses.

Drawn from the responses of more than 1 300 domestic workers throughout the country, our domestic workers report confirms that these women are often single mothers, of which 79% are the main breadwinners of their household. The report takes an in-depth look at the conditions in the domestic work industry in South Africa, in the context of high national poverty rates and a stagnant job market.

From work environment and transport expenses to dependant responsibilities and living conditions, the results of the survey are as follows …

(You can download the report here.)

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