Restaurant Week 2023: Specials and Restaurants to Look Out For

If you’re a passionate foodie, you’ll love the news that restaurant week is back! The month-long culinary celebration allows restaurants to showcase their most creative and delectable dishes at bargain prices, while food enthusiasts grab the opportunity (and food) with both hands. 

In this post, we’ll point you to some of the extraordinary restaurants from around the country serving up delicious plates of deliciousness, at reasonable prices. You can also find the answers to some commonly asked questions about Restaurant Week so that you don’t miss out on a single second of food entertainment.

Commonly Asked Questions About Restaurant Week

Commonly Asked Questions About Restaurant Week

1. What is Restaurant Week?

Restaurant Week is a bi-annual event that takes place in different countries around the world, including South Africa. Participating restaurants offer menus with a variety of foods at discounted prices. It is meant to promote the local restaurant industry by encouraging diners to try new restaurants and dishes at a reduced cost. It is a popular event for food lovers and an opportunity for restaurants to showcase their best dishes to audiences who might never have heard of them. 

2. How Long Does Restaurant Week Last?

Restaurant Week varies in time from city to city around the world, but in South Africa, it is held for a month at a time. The chosen seasons for the celebration are Autumn and Spring, with the first version in 2023 taking place from 31 March until 30 April.  

3. Which Cities/Areas Take Part in Restaurant Week?

If you live in a smaller city, it’s worth your while enquiring about restaurants in your area taking part in Restaurant Week. However, listed below are the popular cities and areas where many restaurants join the celebration:

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • The Winelands
  • Pretoria

Find Participating Restaurants in Your Area

Find Participating Restaurants in Your Area

1. Restaurant Week Johannesburg

The City of Gold is waiting to serve up world-class dishes worth their weight in gold. Click here and follow the link to find 52 restaurants in and around Johannesburg taking place in Restaurant Week.

2. Restaurant Week Cape Town

If it’s not exquisite views and an extravagant city charm that’s attracting you, the Mother City is guaranteed to serve up some of the country’s finest dishes. Click here and follow the link to find 41 restaurants in and around Cape Town taking place in Restaurant Week.

3. Restaurant Week Durban

While there may not be many restaurants from Durban participating in Restaurant Week, the saying ‘quality over quantity’ certainly applies here. Click here and follow the link to find 7 Durban-based restaurants ready to show you flames with their cooking.

4. Restaurant Week The Winelands

The areas that form part of The Winelands are renowned for their award-winning wines, but what many people haven’t heard about is their delectable food. Click here and follow the link to find out more about the 46 restaurants in and around The Winelands waiting to serve you a feast.

5. Restaurant Week Pretoria

If you live in Gauteng, you have the privilege of being able to visit many classy and welcoming restaurants participating in this month-long celebration, including those in the popular city of Pretoria. Click here and follow the link to find 18 restaurants in and around Pretoria with the most flavourful foods. 


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