Self-Care Ideas For Spring

Self-care is important. We all need a routine that looks after the body, mind, and soul, while helping us stay strong and healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Spring is the time for new beginnings, for growth, and for transformation. The fresh colours are beginning to make their way back and new shoots of spring flowers are starting to emerge. The warmer weather also means it’s easier to get outside into the sun, instead of staying stuck indoors like you usually would over winter. 

You may have already started spring cleaning your bedroom or bathroom, organising your closet, and looking at new spring trends for the new season. But, what about self-care? To help you take care of yourself, here are 30 self-care ideas for Spring. We’ve given you plenty of tips for your daily routine and healthy habits for a happy and healthy body and mind. 

20 Self-Care Ideas For Spring

Remember that you are important, and you do deserve to and need to prioritise yourself now and then. Here are 20 self-care ideas for spring:

  1. Give yourself 10 minutes: Although it may not be a long time, take some quiet time to do the things you want to do. Just giving yourself 10 minutes daily can help you recharge and energise. 
  1. Take a walk: Spring weather is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. A walk is also a simple way to get some much-needed exercise, to get your heart pumping and blood flowing, and to listen to the songs birds have to offer. Take a slow stroll or go at a more rapid pace – either way, use the time to enjoy the outdoors.
  1. Spring clean your home: Spring cleaning signifies the start of a new season and gives you the chance to clean those areas that were neglected over winter. A deep clean of your home will freshen it up, making it feel and look brand new. Think about cleaning your office and living room, and washing your couches, carpets, or laminate floors. You may want to take a look at these cleaning tips.
  1. Sort your spring wardrobe: Go through your clothes and declutter your cupboard. Remove your winter clothes – wash and store them out of the way if you’re not going to be wearing them anymore. Choose your spring clothing, thinking about the spring trends, colours, and the clothes you need the most. When going through your clothing items, take out items that you no longer need, those can be donated to your local charity shop or recycled.
  1. Healthy eating: If you want to spring clean your body, try eating healthier than you are now. Plan your meals and include a generous helping of spring fruits and vegetables. 
  1. Catch up with a friend: It’s always good to meet up with a friend over coffee, enjoy chatting, have a laugh, and catch up on the latest updates in their lives.
  1. Start a journal: Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. When there is a list of things you need to do in your head, the best way to see them clearly and take action as required is to jot them all down. Journaling is also a daily habit for happiness – you may even want to create a gratitude journal that you write in every day.
  1. Try meditation: Listen to a guided meditation session on YouTube or Spotify, or just sit quietly and comfortably, focusing on your breathing. Try to be completely present. Even when your mind starts to wander, re-centre on your breathing. Enjoy these moments of peace, quiet, and stillness with yourself.
  1. Redecorate your home: Give your moody, dark bedroom an upgrade – perhaps add some fairy or rainbow lights. Add seasonal colours and accessories throughout your home. Look for colours and textures that reflect all things spring from outside, and indoors. Add a new paint job to brighten up the room or even move the furniture around for a change.
  1. Start a new book: Find some quiet time every day to flip through the pages of a book you enjoy. A good book can be calming and restore peace to your mind, whether it be for fun, learning, or both. 
  1. Stay hydrated: Your body needs water to function – this includes control of your heart rate and food digestion. Most adults require about 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, but you can also rely on your sense of thirst to figure out how much water your body needs. You may want to get rid of any fizzy drinks while you’re at it.
  1. Revisit your daily routine: Think about your daily routine and habits, and what you could do to be happier, healthier, and more productive day to day.
  1. Let the light in: Open up your curtains and windows as wide as possible, and let the natural light in while getting the fresh air to flow through your house.
  1. Limit screen time: Know when to switch off your phone and get off social media, and set up some healthy boundaries between you and those apps or websites that take your attention off the real world. Social media is often one of the reasons why we neglect our minds and bodies. Consider even trying to spend an entire day with your phone off. 
  1. Start a new hobby: Fill your leisure time with meaningful activities. Creative pastimes can help you feel accomplished and relaxed. Taking time to create new, fun things does good for renewing and refreshing you mentally and emotionally. 
  1. Take care of your skin: You may have noticed that in winter, your skin becomes dry more quickly. So make a point of rehydrating and moisturising dry or cracked skin. The more you moisturise, the more radiant your skin will be after a short time.
  1. Fill your home with flowers: Liven up your home with flowers – spring is the best time to introduce a fragrant scent to your home. Freshly cut flowers in vases will automatically put you in a better mood and add some beauty to your house.
  1. Take up gardening: Anything from mowing the lawn and landscaping, to planting a few herb seeds in plant pots to keep on the kitchen window sill. Gardening is an easy and fun hobby that you can enjoy this spring. 
  1. Plan a day out: Now that the weather is getting warmer, there are more places to visit. Travel somewhere new, have a change of scenery, and give yourself something to be excited about.
  1. Sleep well: Sleep gives us time for our bodies to restore and rejuvenate. Head to bed on time and wake up at the same time every day, your schedule should be consistent. At the right time, turn off the TV and block out any lights and noises from outside that usually keep you awake at night. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” or turn it off completely. And remember, you don’t need those extra hours of scrolling on social media before closing your eyes.


We hope that you enjoy these self-care ideas and activities for Spring. If self-care is a priority, you will reduce your stress and accomplish more. Treat yourself with compassion and kindness, it’s essential for your mental and physical health. Your self-care doesn’t have to include all of these ideas, but use them as a guide and create a realistic self-care routine to suit your lifestyle.

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