10 Smart Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

Some areas of your home may feel smaller than when you first moved in, or you may have a slight lack in square footage and feel more constricted. Natural and superficial light adds to your home’s personality and character, as well as your mood, from a more open and welcoming space. If you’re trying to get more light into your house, there are a lot of options. Try out these 10 simple tricks to make your home a brighter and more airy space. 

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1. Add Lighting

An easy way to supplement the loss of natural light is by adding more sconces and lamps. The three main types of lighting for creating a well-lit home are ambient, task, and accent lighting. Make sure each room has a lot of light coming from the ceiling and other various heights, depending on how each room is used. For instance, in the kitchen, you may need more task lighting for cooking. You can also add accent lighting to help illuminate a shelf or bookcase.

2. Rearrange Furniture

First, create a floor plan that is focused around the windows – you want as much natural brightness to come in. If you remove bulky furniture away from the windows and keep these spaces open, your room will look cheery and warm. The next time you go shopping for new furniture items, be sure of the measurements of the area where they will be placed. It’s easy to buy furniture that’s too big that ends up making a room look smaller. For compact spaces, keep sight lines clear with chairs and couches that are lower to the ground. Consider airier pieces of furniture with space underneath that allows the light to travel through. 

3. Declutter

Your space will look and feel more cramped if random items have been collected on the surfaces and floors. Spend a few hours on an afternoon decluttering and throwing away things you don’t need. If the entire house is cluttered, take it room by room, day by day. You might want to consider buying furniture with storage or storage baskets to stow away items as overcrowded shelves are a telltale sign of bad housekeeping. You also may want to consider a professional cleaning service from SweepSouth if there are just too many rooms that need re-organising.

4. Clean Your Windows

Dirt and grime on the windows can prevent natural light from shining through into your home efficiently. Grab your squeegee and cleaning products, and clean your windows thoroughly. If you are too busy, or can’t reach all of the windows, head over to our website and make a booking with SweepSouth. Your SweepStar will be able to professionally clean your windows in no time. 

5. Light Curtains

Light coloured curtains

Thick curtains don’t allow much light to come into your home, you may want to swap them for something lighter in colour, or curtains that are sheer. Blinds are also a good option, they’re easier to clean. They generally do allow more light in than curtains, and just like sheer curtains, you can close them and you’ll still be able to let in some sunlight. 

If you’re installing a curtain rod, you should make sure it extends further on either side of your window casing. Not only will the windows look bigger, but when you open the curtains, they won’t block the glass and incoming light. You can also mount the curtain rod several inches above the top of the window, this will also make it appear taller.

6. Invest In Metals

Gold, silver, copper, or rose gold – any of these metals will work and let light into your home similarly to how mirrors do. Instead of making your space feel dark and dingy like other materials do, they bounce off light and add some brightness. Whether it’s a piece of statement furniture, wall decor, plant pots, or flower vases, you’ll be surprised at the difference a bit of shine can make.

7. Choose A Basic Wall Colour

Painting your walls isn’t just for home renovations. Painting your walls white may seem a little plain, but there is no better colour than white to add light and brightness to your room. Other colours can make your home feel closed off, but adding some white paint will instantly make your home feel fresh, airy and inviting. Consider cleaning your walls before you repaint them for that extra light touch. 

Another way to have coloured paint in your room without making it feel smaller and darker is by painting an accent wall. Choose one wall in each room that you want to paint with a bright, saturated colour that you like, but wouldn’t want to paint the entire room with. Or, try experimenting with wallpaper by adding a large print or pattern. A mural is another way to give white walls a boost. As it’s only one wall, there’s minimal risk in testing out colours and patterns. Prime and paint over the colour if you change your mind.

8. Add Plants

It’s amazing how far a little greenery goes in adding brightness to your rooms. Head to a nursery and bring home some bold plants you can place throughout your home. Whether you choose fiddle leaf figs, dracaena, or birds of paradise, all plants are a great addition for that natural feeling. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, there are plenty of faux plants out there that can brighten a room just the same.

9. Re-accessorise Your Couches

You may not have completely new couches, but you can always stock up on a new assortment of throw pillows and blankets for your furniture. And while you’re at it, add some light bedding for the mattress. Leave the dark colours in the cupboard and go for lighter-coloured neutrals and pops of metallics to make your room appear larger and give it a glow. 

10. Use Light Woods

While dark wood features and finishes are beautiful and classic, light woods do more to brighten up your home. Instead of having dark wood or stained features, go for pieces made from something lighter, such as oak, maple, ash, birch or hickory. And if you’re up for the task, you can always paint over dark cabinets and features with a coat of white paint to transform your room.

To Conclude

Once your home is bright, spacious and clean, invite your friends or family over and show off your transformed home. Hosting guests is the best way to find the motivation to get the house tidy and welcoming. It may help you to invite friends and family for regular game or movie nights, that way you will have a reason to keep your space free from clutter and be organised by cleaning more regularly.  For more home organising and cleaning tips that may be missing from your lifestyle, head on over to our blog where you will find many guides and how-to’s for your home. 

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