Smart Ways To Reuse Clothes Hangers Around Your Home

If you have a bunch of hangers lying around or hanging with nothing on them, then you might think of throwing them away. But before you give them away, have you thought about all the other ways in which the hangers can be used? If not, We have some great and interesting ideas for you to try in your home with the hangers not being put to use. Here are smart ways to reuse clothes hangers around your home. 

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Non-Slip Wire Hangers

One of the worst design flaws of wire hangers is that clothes that hang on them always seem to slide off. You can elevate the purpose of your hangers by upcycling them into non-slip hangers. Try wrapping a piece of material or pipe cleaner around the top of the frame, from the corners and upwards, until there’s enough material to keep your clothes on the hanger. You’re now left with non-slip wire hangers.

Hanging Shoe Storage

Hanging shoe storage

With just a wire hanger, a pair of wire cutters, needle-nose pliers and some decorative ribbon, you can make a useful and appealing shoe storage solution. Here are 6 steps to follow to make DIY shoe hangers:

  1. Start by cutting the wire hanger at the top on both sides just before the corners; you can throw away the straight unused part.
  2. Bend both wires downward with your hands and pliers until the wires cross over each other in an ‘X’ shape. 
  3. Then, take each wire and bend them back up, and upwards again, halfway down. With the unused piece of wire, you can also bend it into the shape of an ‘A’, with the last ⅓ of the wire on both sides bent upwards. 
  4. Use regular hooks that can be screwed into the wall. You may want to screw 2 or 3 hooks in one row on the wall and use a piece of knitting wool or something similar to wrap around the hooks and connect them to the wall.
  5. Your hangers will hang on the line of wool, so you will be able to hang multiple shoe hangers. 
  6. Add your shoes to the wire shoe hangers you made and hang them on the row of wool on the wall. 

In The Garden

Wire hangers can be used to support lightweight vines and plants. Bend wire cutters into the shape you need with wire cutters. For indoor plants, you can create an indoor topiary form for small plants. Shape the wire into the desired shape and straighten the hook, then push the hook into the pot’s soil, allowing the vine to trail upwards to cover the wire. You can use floral wire to secure the vine to the wire as it grows. Learn how to grow and keep your indoor plants strong and healthy so that they are always adding life and value to your home.

Festive Wreaths

Festive wreaths

A wire hanger is an excellent base for a cheap holiday wreath for Christmas time. Fresh flowers, or even fake flowers, can simply be attached to the frame with floral wire. Simply bend the hanger into a perfect circle and leave the hook so you can hang the wreath on your door. A wreath can hang inside or out, you may just want to alternate the types of flowers used. 

An Eyewear Rack

A simple repurpose for your wire hangers is to use them as a rack for all of your eyewear. Hang the hanger against a wall in your bedroom with a small nail or push pin, then place your glasses on display along the bottom wire. 

Wooden Dish Rack

Wooden dish rack

To make a dish rack with wooden hangers, all you need is some wooden hangers and dowels. Arrange the hangers upside down and right way up in intervals, they can be connected with wooden dowels. This item should be able to store your mug, cups and plates, and you can be sure that no dish rack is as interesting as yours. 

Fruit Basket

The curvy wooden hangers would be best for this. All you need to do is pile and stick the hangers next to each other and remove the spine. Once you’ve created your bowl structure, you can add your fruits in. 

Bag And Coat Hanger

Bag and coat hanger

Use a wooden plank and attach 4 of your wooden hangers to the plant. Remove the spine and cut one of the shoulders until it almost reaches the top. The cut-off shoulder side will be stuck onto the wooden plank. The other shoulder side will be long enough for you to hang your belongings on. 


There are tons of wire and wooden hanger craft projects you can try, like creating your bedside table with wooden hanger legs. You can also reuse wire hangers to make butterfly wings or halos for your kids, decorated with glitter, paint, feathers, and anything else you think they’d like. If you have no use for your hangers apart from hanging clothes, then you can always simply donate them or offer them up at the dry cleaners – you may just get a small discount. We hope these smart ways to reuse clothes hangers around your home give you some inspiration for things to do when you have spare time on your hands.
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