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2022 Soccer World Cup – Update After Round 2

2022 Soccer World Cup - Update After Round 2

Round 1 of the 2022 Soccer World Cup is already behind us, and what a round of matches it was! From high-scoring games involving two of the favourites to win the tournament, England and Spain, to underdogs in the form of Saudi Arabia and Japan rising to the occasion and showing they are worth betting on, we couldn’t have asked for a more thrilling start to soccer’s biggest tournament. 

With the bar set so high, could we expect more of the same from the second round of matches? Take a walk down the field with the SweepSouth team as we share the updates from a nail-biting second round, and find out whose campaign will live on to see the third round, and who will be packing their bags early. 

Shocking Results

After more than one unexpected result deriving from the first round of matches, it was safe to say that this wouldn’t be any ordinary World Cup. The 2022 Soccer World Cup will go down in the history books as a tournament that saw heroes fall, young stars rise, and fans treated to the spectacle of their lives. These are the shock results that we saw in round 2 of the World Cup:

After a hard-fought battle left both teams without goals for most of the match, the 86th minute brought about a red card for Hennessey from Wales, signalling the beginning of the end. Wales did their best to hold onto a draw with 10 men, but two late goals by the Iranian team broke the hearts of Welsh fans the world over. The game ended in a 2-0 defeat for Wales, and left them with an uphill battle in their final match.


While some of the underdogs were gathering points by causing upsets, the higher-ranked teams were doing the job expected of them and edging ever closer to the round of 16. Below are the expected results of two entertaining games that fans were treated to:

Other Results 

With a spot in the round of 16 up for grabs, and many results not going as planned in the first round, the World Cup teams did all they could to keep their dreams alive. Below is a list of the other results from the second round of matches:


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With the penultimate round of the group stages now behind us, who will have the final say and progress from their respective groups in round 3? Remember to keep an eye on the important fixture dates of the 2022 Soccer World Cup so that you don’t miss a single second of the action! If it’s your turn to host your friends for the big match, book a cleaning service before or after game day. A hard-working SweepStar will have your home spotless and ready in no time.

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