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6 Spring Lawn Care Tips For a Beautiful and Thriving Yard

6 Spring Lawn Care Tips For A Beautiful Lawn All Year Long

Now that spring is here, many homeowners are ready to put their front and back lawns to good use. Flowers are beginning to bloom again, trees are sprouting new leaves, and no matter what side it’s on, the grass is getting greener. You may have spring cleaned the interior of your home, but you can’t expect your garden or lawn to simply flourish on its own. If you want lush, green grass, you need to tackle some critical landscaping tasks first. The following handy lawn care tips are exactly what you need for your outdoor living space. 

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Soil quality and the state of your lawn mower are the only two things that you need to stay on top of this spring for a healthy lawn. Most of these tasks can be completed on your own, but if you need more time and expertise, you can reach out to our SweepSouth Outdoor team who can help you with your lawn. 

1. Clean Up The Lawn And Garden

First, you’ll want to take a walk around your home and note the outdoor projects needed for your garden. Then it’s time to clear up. Tackle your plant beds, garden, and anywhere else outdoors where debris has built up. While you remove dead leaves, branches, and other organic material, consider holding onto them for mulch throughout the rest of the year. 

2. Inspect Your Lawn For Damage And Problem Areas

If you look around the garden and see dry, yellow patches of grass, then your lawn is likely suffering from winter damage. Common issues from winter include mould, dryness, and other seasonal burdens for your once healthy grass. 

As soon as the worst of winter is over, and you’re heading into spring, look around for winter damage your garden may have sustained during the cold season. You may discover the following: 

3. Find Out What Type Of Grass You Have

If it’s your first time caring for your lawn, you will want to find out what type of grass you have before anything else. Warm-season and cold-season types of grass each have maintenance needs of their own, so you have to know the type of grass you have as it needs to be looked after accordingly. 

If you can hire a professional, ask them to help you identify what type of grass you have, and the steps you should take to ensure it stays lush and healthy through the spring and summer. 

4. Take Care Of Weeds 

The best way to prevent weeds from invading your lawn is to stay up to date with maintenance and follow basic methods. For example, when mowing the lawn, don’t cut the grass too short. Instead, use a mulch to smother weed seeds, and consider using herbicides and other weed killers for a weed control strategy. 

5. Test Your Sprinkler System

To keep your lawn green, you need an irrigation or sprinkler system. This system will save you money on water costs, as it operates more efficiently than your regular garden hose. 

Be sure that your irrigation system is working properly by testing it out early in spring before the weather becomes too hot and heat waves come back to ruin your grass and plants.

6. Figure Out How Often The Grass Should Be Cut 

Mowing grass is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. It’s recommended that you cut your grass at least once a week. But, it does depend on the length of your grass. Cool season types of grass should be cut at 5 to 8 cm high. A garden professional will be able to advise you on how tall grass should be. 

You’ll want to check the condition of your lawn mower. If the blades are dull, sharpen or replace them. You can also take it to a lawn mower repair shop to see if there is a bigger issue with it. 

If you don’t have the time to mow your lawn each week, look for professionals at SweepSouth who can do this for you at an affordable price. 

Extra Tips

Other things for your spring lawn care include having pest control services inspect your lawn for billbugs and other pests. A professional can help you determine the correct treatment, chemicals, or pesticide needed, depending on the pest invading your garden. You may want to take some preventative measures. 

For example, remove dead branches and plants where insects love to make homes and lay eggs, and eliminate standing water sources or puddles, as they attract mosquitoes. 


By implementing these spring lawn care tips, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space that you’ll be proud of all summer. And if you need assistance with spring cleaning your home, head on over to SweepSouth where you will find professional home cleaning services of the highest quality.

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