Best Springtime Activities To Enjoy In South Africa

You may be someone who loves being indoors and watching series on Netflix, especially during Winter. However, spring is the best season for growth and new beginnings – it’s the perfect time to start with something that looks like it would be a lot of fun for you and your loved ones. Why not try adding a new activity that suits your lifestyle? There must be something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do.

Thinking of activities everyone will enjoy may be slightly difficult, as we all have different likes and dislikes. Your partner may enjoy the outdoors more while you’re more of an indoor person. Or perhaps your kids want to try a new craft project? With a little brainstorming you can come up with some fun activities and things to do for the whole family this spring. 

Whether you’re creating a spring activity calendar, or simply daydreaming about something to look forward to after the coldest and darkest day of winter, planning isn’t a bad thing. So here are 14 ideas for activities to do this spring – you’re bound to find something for everyone.

1. Cycling

There are hundreds of trails around South Africa to enjoy the fresh outdoor air by taking an early morning or afternoon bike ride. Nothing screams spring like a cool morning bike ride to take in and celebrate the change of a new season.

2. Ziplining

Ziplining is considered to be one of South Africa’s ultimate adventures; some people are even lucky enough to have a zipline at home. Ziplining in spring allows you to enjoy early sunrises painting the terrain in soft tones. It’s also a super fun activity for kids! There are places to go ziplining in most provinces – you can try the Tsitsikamma Zipline on the Garden Route, the Waterbury Zipline in Limpopo, Ama Zwing Zwing Zipline in the North West, and the Karkloof Canopy Tour in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

3. Visit A Botanical Garden

South Africa is blessed to have some of the most amazing and beautiful national botanical gardens. With beautiful flowers, fynbos, and winding paths edged with herbs, spring is a great time to explore and connect with nature. Take the family along for a picnic or a stroll through your closest botanical gardens.

4. Braai’s

As soon as the weather gets warmer, it’s in almost every South African’s instinct to start a braai. Our country hosts some nice public braai spots where you can celebrate the start of spring with your family in authentic South African fashion.

5. Cable Car Rides

As soon as the wind starts to calm down, you can inch up the side of Table Mountain – the 360° view from the cable car will stick with you long after you take the trip down. The best time to go during spring is in the evening just as the sun starts to set. Get the chance to capture some stunning sunset pictures over Table Mountain. Alternatively, if you live closer inland, you may want to visit the Harties Cableway in Hartbeespoort. 

6. Create A Backyard Waterpark

If you live somewhere that gets even warmer than average in spring, consider setting up some garden water activities that the kids will enjoy. There’s rarely anything as fun as putting on a swimming costume and running through the water from an inflatable sprinkler. This is true for people of all ages. 

7. Make A Wind Chime

A fun craft project that you may not have tried before is making wind chimes. Wind chimes are a nice addition to a freshly planted garden in the spring. The whole family can have fun putting them together and choosing the best place inside or outside the house to hang them.

8. Hiking

If you’ve been hiking through the same old trails all winter, you may want to use spring as the time to find a good hiking trail. On certain websites, you can research harder trails you’ll want to tackle. Or have a full day outing at a hiking trail with exciting features like waterfalls and other family-friendly features. 

9. Go To A Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies can be a bit too chilly in winter, but spring is a great way to enjoy a film under the stars. This can be the perfect date night or family outing on a warm evening. Pack your favourite snacks, bring along a blanket, and enjoy your favourite movie 

10. Start A Garden

You may want to plan your garden’s new look with some fresh additions. Gardening at home means you have something to be excited about all season long. Shop for some seeds of your favourite herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Get some gardening accessories ahead of time too so you can be ready to get the most out of your gardening season.

11. Breakfasts On The Beach

There’s something about coffee on the beach that feels like the optimal point of relaxation. Why not work it into your spring? If you’re lucky enough to live within less than an hour of the beach, pick a morning and pack a couple of thermos flasks with coffee or any other hot beverage, and watch the sunrise over the ocean. If you go early enough, chances are there won’t be any crowds, but the spring weather will usually be warm enough to sit and watch comfortably. 

12. Happy Hour Sunsets

Drinking your favourite cool alcoholic beverage tastes that much better when it’s enjoyed overlooking a body of water. Find a lake, pond, or beach, and simply enjoy a bottle of wine or some cocktails with your partner to switch up date night.

13. Road Trips

You can probably barely remember the last time you simply packed the family into the car and hit the road to a local antique store, tourist attraction, or vista. Sometimes something as simple as travelling or taking a drive can seem like an adventure, and in spring you’ll have more options to choose from.

14. Schedule An Outdoor Spring Cleaning

The end of winter means it’s time to get spring cleaning. Once you’re finished inside, you may want to have an outdoor spring cleaning session and rake up any leaves, debris, or other messes left from previous seasons. Play some music on your outdoor speakers and have a delicious treat prepared once you’re done to make it a bit more fun and rewarding. Or better yet, have your home spring cleaned professionally inside and outdoors by SweepSouth – we’ll leave your home with a brand new springtime shine.

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