10 Springtime Activities To Enjoy With Kids

It may be hard to picture the warmth of spring after a long winter, but when it arrives, it’s a welcome feeling. Now that you have done all your spring cleaning, you may be wondering what you can do with the kids to keep them entertained. You want to get the kids excited for spring by getting them into some fun spring activities. If you’re at a loss for ideas for activities your kids can do this spring, this article will give you 10 activities to help ease the stress of decision-making.

10 Activities to Enjoy With Your Kids This Spring

1. Nature Crafts

Now that the flowers are starting to bloom and plants are representing the nature of spring, you will want your kids to appreciate this time of year by encouraging them to do some craft projects

You and the kids can become creative by getting stuck in different types of crafts, relevant to nature. For example, make a flower petal stained glass door, DIY flower necklaces and crowns, and paper bags that can make easy flower crowns. Add to that some leaf prints and pendants made out of clay. Another nature craft project that kids love as well is painted branch projects. There is no limit to what kind of nature crafts kids can enjoy during the season that represent flowers blooming. 

2. Start Gardening

Get the kids involved in gardening this spring. Spring is the season that represents growth and blooming, so this is the time for kids to get into gardening activities that they will enjoy. There are many ideas of how they can get involved in the garden. Some examples of gardening fun are making a garden with flags, and DIY beaded garden ornaments. The sky’s the limit when it comes to spring activity ideas for kids.

3. Painting In Spring Colours

Kids love to paint, and this together with other forms of art are great ways for your kids to express themselves.

There is no better time for kids to paint with colours that are associated with spring than the season itself. Spring-related colours are soft shades of pink, green, blue, and light purple. Pastel colours are also perfect.

4. Pavement Drawing With Chalk

This is the best time of the year to get chalk and let your kids draw on the pavement outside your home.

Of course, you should make sure that your kids don’t use it on other properties, or property maintained by the municipality where you live. But this activity is guaranteed to be enjoyed by the kids during spring and the tolerable days of summer.

5. Scavenger Hunts

You will want to make sure that your kids only use a treasure or scavenger map on your property. This fun activity is one that kids are guaranteed to enjoy during the spring and summer months.

6. Baking Spring-Related Treats And Snacks

You will want to make this activity related to spring. An excellent idea is getting your kids to prepare delicious strawberry mango salsa. There is nothing more spring related than that. Another delicious spring-related snack that kids can make is blueberry muffins. Nothing beats homemade freshly baked muffins.

7. Reading Books

If you want your kids to have fun while learning, then get them to read the blooming season books. Take them to your local library, and they can take a few books out for a couple of weeks.

8. Hikes

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for hiking, as neither is plagued by rain or too much sun. This is the time of year for multi-hikes a day. Pack all-weather gear for rain showers or cold windy weather in case it decides to creep up. In South Africa, no matter which province you live in, there are numerous places to spend the day hiking.

9. Outdoor Sports

Another thing for your kids to look forward to again in springtime is playing many outdoor sports such as cricket, basketball, and volleyball. Or they can go skipping and try out double dutch. There are no limits to the kind of spring outdoor sporting activities your kids can do. 

10. Bubble Blowing Is Always A Hit

Blowing bubbles is usually popular with kids of all ages. Something that makes blowing the bubbles more fun is giving them the opportunity to make their own bubbles with a couple of supplies you have at home. For DIY bubbles, all you need is water, soap, and glycerin. Once the mixture is created, blow bubbles with a game like “it”, in which the person who is it has to tag the next player by blowing bubbles in their direction so it hits them.


Now that you know of 10 spring activities that your kids can enjoy, there’s no excuse for them not to be kept busy during the blooming season. Have some fun as well with these activities because they can be enjoyed as a family too. And, take the time to enjoy and appreciate the warm weather as soon as winter has left for a while, until next year.

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