Empowered Women, Empower Women. The Inspiring Story of Our CEO, Aisha Pandor.

This Women’s Month we’re celebrating the incredible women who make SweepSouth the cleaning powerhouse that it has become in just two short years, from our SweepStar cleaners to our behind-the-scenes team and the customers who have taken a chance on … Continue reading Empowered Women, Empower Women. The Inspiring Story of Our CEO, Aisha Pandor.

Don’t judge the model, judge the practice

The recent vitriol directed at the Uber-model is unfounded. This has been a tumultuous few weeks for businesses using the so-called ‘sharing-economy’ or ‘Uber-model’. On the 10th of March, UN Women launched an unprecedented partnership with Uber with the goal to create one million jobs for women by the year 2020. The press release stated that the purpose of the partnership was to work ‘toward a shared vision of equality and women’s empowerment’. Then, eight days later, UN Women cancelled the partnership. With the announcement of the UN Women-Uber partnership, many businesses using the Uber-model issued a sigh of relief. … Continue reading Don’t judge the model, judge the practice

Newest addition to the SweepSouth Team

We are excited to introduce our newest SweepSouth team member. Luke Kannemeyer will play a vital role in optimising operations; something that is critical to high growth. Together with the team, Luke will help ensure that SweepSouth continues to deliver an excellent service to our customers and that we find ways to further improve on customer experience as we expand. Luke is a phenomenal problem-solver and is passionate about data-driven decision making. He holds an Honours Degree in Molecular Genetics, was selected as the Most Outstanding Postgraduate Leader at the University of Cape Town in 2012, and is a Mandela Rhodes Scholar. We are extremely proud to have him on board. Aisha R. Pandor … Continue reading Newest addition to the SweepSouth Team

Web Summit 2014 – 7 lessons for startups

In our previous post we wrote about our experience at the Web Summit, and some of the things that were positive and not so great about attending. As mentioned one of our biggest “aha” moments was when we realised that while being an event for tech startups, the Web Summit itself is also a startup, and that there are some great lessons to be learned from how they operate, and have been able to grow from 400 attendees to over 22 000 in the last four years. Here are our takeaways: 1. Small can be good. We discussed with some … Continue reading Web Summit 2014 – 7 lessons for startups

SweepSouth takes first prize at SiMODiSA Start-up SA

  We’re proud to announce that SweepSouth has won first prize at SiMODiSA’s Start-up SA event which took place in Cape Town at the CTICC on 10th October 2014. We have been awarded the opportunity to go on a two-month long trip to Silicon Valley where we will get the chance to be immersed in the startup culture of Silicon Valley, meet other inspiring startups, potential partners and investors, and explore our international prospects. Events like Startup SA are really important in giving startups like SweepSouth a platform to showcase their work, their potential, and their team. SiMODiSA has taken up this great initiative … Continue reading SweepSouth takes first prize at SiMODiSA Start-up SA

Startup Lessons: Get Out Of The Building

One of the hardest things about building a startup is that you have absolutely no guarantee that people will like your idea. Added to that are other factors like having to convince a market to adopt something completely new and having to have (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations with strangers and potential customers. Overall, I’d say this business is not for the faint-hearted or risk-averse. Alen and I were reminded of this once again when we ventured out onto the streets of north Johannesburg in peak traffic to hand out SweepSouth flyers. This uncomfortable experience had us walking among cars with smiles … Continue reading Startup Lessons: Get Out Of The Building

The SweepSouth Vision

  The idea for SweepSouth came to us while Alen and I searched fruitlessly for someone to assist with domestic cleaning over the December holidays. Like many South Africans, we are fortunate enough to have assistance at home with domestic cleaning. However, with our regular hero sis Ntombi away for the holidays, we seemed fated to spend the vacation divvying up chores. We had previous dealings with some of the popular “agencies” in the country, and the experience had left us with a sour taste in our mouths. The ladies the agencies presented had no enthusiasm for the job, and … Continue reading The SweepSouth Vision