10 Summer Décor Tips And Ideas For Your Home

If you’re bored with your decor, why not switch it up this summer? You may want to switch up your regular plain decor with bold colours, floral patterns and outdoor upgrades. The key to summer decor is light materials, bright colours, and perhaps theme-inspired decor. You can update your home with some summer accessories, or go big and add new outdoor furniture as well. Here are 10 summer decor ideas you can try to liven up your home for summer and the holidays

How Do You Decorate For Summer?

  1. Summer florals
  2. Switch to light duvet covers
  3. Outdoor décor
  4. Paint your front door
  5. Summer colours
  6. Let light in
  7. Add plants and succulents
  8. Brighten your bathroom
  9. Add summer scents to your home
  10. Update old furniture

1. Summer Florals

Floral décor is always in style. You should consider incorporating the classic look in your home as summer is the best time to transform. You can use floral designs for wallpaper, shower curtains and pillows. It’s easy to add a touch of nature to any room in your house. 

2. Switch To Light Duvet Covers

New duvet covers can almost transform your bedroom instantly. Go for light fabrics such as linen and cotton for bedding that is still comfortable during the warmer weather. Beach-inspired patterns and shades, like blue and aqua, are a perfect match for the summer. 

3. Outdoor Décor

Outdoor summer décor

During summer, we love to entertain guests outside. You may want to choose comfortable outdoor seating that encourages relaxation to add to your backyard entertainment ideas for a memorable summer. Paired with bright outdoor pillows and blankets for cooler nights, this will be the best place to entertain guests on the weekends. Consider connecting your indoor and outdoor decor by adding outdoor accessories that match your interior décor. You can also hang light fixtures to set a calm atmosphere in the evening. 

Also, don’t forget to clean your braai grid before guests come over using the best ways to clean a braai grid

4. Paint Your Front Door

Now that it’s summer, you may want to consider painting your front door for a simple upgrade. Create a contrast between your door and your home’s exterior for your home to have more of a standout style statement. Pair your new colourful door with a few pot plants. 

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5. Summer Colours

A simple summer decorating idea is adding colour. A few pastel pillows or a bold-coloured rug can work well together with neutral colours of furnishings. You can add a couple of indoor plants to have a feel of nature. 

6. Let Light In

Summer is the time to allow as much light in as possible. By opening the curtains, doors and windows, and tying back the curtains, you can have more brightness throughout your home. Get rid of old, dark, and gloomy accessories. Store heavy accessories away, such as throws and heavy blankets, for next year when it’s time to cover up again. 

7. Add Plants And Succulents

Greenery is a big part of summer decorating. You may want to add an organic, green element inside your home with your decor. For example, planting a bunch of different succulents in a large shell to place on the centre of a table or shelf will work wonders. These sorts of plants grow very well indoors and require minimal care. Natural elements add texture and personality to any table display. 

If you prefer summer flowers, add some freshly picked flowers from your garden, indoors, to make a statement. Go with arrangements featuring warm colours like oranges, yellows, and exciting pinks. Deeper colours like red and purple can be left for the colder seasons. 

8. Brighten Your Bathroom

Bathroom summer décor

You should switch out items in your bathroom for summer-themed ones. Replacing your shower curtain every season is a very simple way to give your bathroom an upgrade for summer. A new shower curtain with a tropical or nautical theme, or even just bright coloured can be a nice change for summer. If your shower curtain is properly cleaned, dried, and stored away every time, you can rotate shower curtains for all seasons. You may also want to add a new set of seasonal towels to go with the curtain. 

9. Add Summer Scents To Your Home

Summer decorating is about all the elements that tie together to give your home a summer feel. Tropical and citrus scents can set the scene for summer in the home. To get the perfect scent in your home, it’s best to choose products that are the same brand or product line. Pair your candle holders and diffusers in all of the rooms for a customised feel, even if there are only 2 or 3 scents throughout your home. 

Also, candles can work well as simple inexpensive summer decorations for shelves and coffee tables. 

10. Update Old Furniture

To freshen up your furniture, give them a fresh coat of glossy spray paint; you may want to pick a glossy paint that has a summery shade too. The gloss paint creates a lacquered look and modernises old items of furniture. Make sure to properly prime items to help the paint to stick to the surface and last for longer. 


Summer décor will leave your home refreshed for the new season, and will stay in style for the entire warm period. Remember, in summer you want to bring in as much natural light into your home as possible by opening curtains, windows and doors during the day. At night, outdoor light fixtures are one of the best things about summer – their oranges and yellow tones set the mood for a relaxing summer evening. Get ready to invite friends and family over for braais again once it’s warm enough. 
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