SweepSouth Celebrates National Women’s Day With Women-Owned Partner Brands

She is not defined by just one of her many superpowers, but rather by an array of notable character traits that each play a vital role in making her the remarkable woman she is. This is the collective feeling that we as the SweepSouth team get when looking both at the women that work within the bounds of our team, and those whose talents and skills are being used and praised elsewhere, all around our country. 

This Women’s Day and Women’s Month, we’re proud to be partnering up with women-owned brands to not only shine the light on the extraordinary work being done by female leaders, innovators, and powerhouses, but also to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for the women who walk side-by-side with us every day, enriching our lives in countless ways. Keep reading to learn more about the celebration of Women’s Day, our fantastic partners, and last but most certainly not least, to hear an inspirational message from our CEO. 

Celebrating National Women’s Day With the Pillars of Womanhood

National Women’s Day in South Africa holds a special place in the nation’s heart, commemorating the strength, resilience, and achievements of women throughout history. Observed on August 9th each year, this significant day pays tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped the course of the country and continue to inspire generations to come.

On this momentous occasion, we celebrate the pillars of womanhood, acknowledging their immense contributions in various spheres of life. Listed below are but a few of the key pillars that define the essence of National Women’s Day in South Africa:

  1. Courageous Pioneers: National Women’s Day honours the brave women who stood up against injustice and discrimination during the iconic 1956 Women’s March. Their courage and determination paved the way for gender equality and equal rights in South Africa.
  1. Empowerment Advocates: Women across the country have been empowering themselves and others by advocating for education, economic independence, and leadership roles. Their efforts have shattered glass ceilings and continue to empower future generations.
  1. Community Builders: Women have always been at the forefront of building and nurturing communities. Their dedication to family, education, and social welfare has had a profound impact on shaping the fabric of South African society.
  1. Inspirational Change-Makers: From politics to arts, science, and beyond, women have been instrumental change-makers, driving progress and innovation in every field. Their dedication and achievements inspire young girls to dream big and break barriers.
  1. Resilient Caregivers: Women are natural caregivers, and their resilience shines through in times of adversity. They hold families together, care for loved ones, and play pivotal roles in healing wounds, physical and emotional.

Partnering With Woman-Owned Brands to Reward You

Leading into Women’s Month, we thought it was only fitting to partner up with woman-owned brands that are adored nationwide, for our monthly SweepSouth Rewards programme. From humble beginnings to their all-encompassing victories of the present day, these powerful brands started off as a seed in the minds of inspiring female entrepreneurs, and are now well-known names in their respective fields. Let’s take a look at these exciting enterprises below:

An Inspiring Message From Our CEO – Aisha Pandor

Her name resounds around the country as one of brilliance, innovation, strength and so much more, and from a SweepSouth point of view, we are lucky enough to have this exceptional woman in our lives as co-founder, CEO, mentor, and beloved friend. Through the SweepSouth platform, she has given endless opportunities to thousands of other women (and men) who are eternally grateful, as they have been able to make strides in their lives and provide for their families. Aisha’s wish for this year’s Women’s Day and Women’s Month is the following:

“Happy Women’s Day, South Africa! The march of 20,000 women on 9 August 1956, signalled a turning point in the role of women in the struggle for freedom and society at large. In recognising this historic day, let’s continue to support each other, and to celebrate how with strength, resilience, courage and unity, we can overcome even our most formidable challenges.”


As we walk through our daily lives and have the privilege of interacting, connecting, and bonding with the women we are so lucky to know, let’s not forget that a simple ‘thank you’ fills their hearts and lights up their smiles, deservedly so. From the entire SweepSouth team, we wish all women of South Africa a happy Women’s Day and Women’s Month!

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