SweepSouth Foundation – Changing Thokozani’s Life With Your Help

At SweepSouth, we aren’t only passionate about transforming homes, but also changing lives. When given the opportunity to lend a helping hand, we believe in reaching out wholeheartedly to uplift the lives of those that are in need. That is why the SweepSouth Foundation was formed, to create and inspire the waves of change that the world needs. 

Thanks to your generous donations, the Foundation was able to do exactly that for the brilliant and deserving SweepStar – Thokozani Piri. After a dreadful flood transpired in the area where Thokozani resides, she and her 11-year-old daughter lost everything, leaving them without a proper place to sleep. 

“We’re sleeping on a mattress that a neighbour gave us and using a hot plate which only works on one side,” explained Thokozani. 

They were living in a room perforated with holes which resulted in the rain drenching and damaging all of their furniture. Needless to say, Thokozani and her daughter’s life needed rebuilding and reviving.

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What Was Her Need

Thokozani needed a home makeover to make up for the damage caused by the flood. More than anything, though, her biggest wish was to give her daughter the home she deserves. The most heartbreaking part of this story was hearing Thokozani share her feelings with us. “The flood and the damage to my furniture shattered me. I could see the hurt in my daughter’s eyes which made me feel like less of a mother,” she said. 

After experiencing this life-changing event, they needed the following items to restore their home:

  • A new couch
  • A quality bed set
  • A cooking stove
  • A dining table

How The SweepSouth Foundation Assisted

In order to help Thokozani and her daughter, we set up a fund with the goal of reaching R10 000. Thanks to the generous donations and love that poured in from all over, the SweepSouth Foundation was able to assist in presenting Thokozani with a new bed, kitchen unit, and stove

The items were bought at the popular establishment, Fair Price. Kevin, the National Supply Manager of SweepSouth South Africa, met with Thokozani to help her select the highest quality items at the best prices. 

A Sincere Thank You

On behalf of Thokozani, the entire team at SweepSouth would like to thank those who assisted in making her day, and changing her life. If you would like to assist in helping a SweepStar in need, please visit the SweepSouth Foundation homepage, or contact foundation@sweepsouth.com for more information. Any support makes a substantial difference and is greatly appreciated.

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