SweepSouth Foundation – Helping Senzo Make A Difference

At SweepSouth, we aren’t only passionate about transforming homes, but also changing lives. When given the opportunity to lend a helping hand, we believe in reaching out wholeheartedly to uplift the lives of those that are in need. That is why the SweepSouth foundation was formed, to create and inspire the waves of change that the world needs.

Thanks to your generous donations, the foundation was able to do exactly that for the inspiring and selfless SweepStar – Senzo Msimango. In 2019, Senzo opened up a bakery in KwaMashu, Durban to help better the lives of the youth in his community while also providing affordable treats to the people in the townships. 

“Through my bakery, I mentor the children in my community and coach them at a young age to keep them away from drugs and alcohol abuse,” explained Senzo. 

To help them make an honest living, Senzo gives them baked goods to sell and earn a commission. He plans on teaching them how to bake so that they’ll have a skill to build their own futures with. In order to continue being a positive influence in his community, Senzo needed your help.

What Was His Need

“I want to build a shelter for the homeless and feed the families that can’t afford to feed themselves.” These were Senzo’s exact words when explaining how he feels responsible for the youth in his community. He donates four brown and 6 white loaves of bread every week to a non-profit organisation that provides 3-course meals to the less fortunate. 

For Senzo to continue providing delicious treats to his community, uplifting the youth, and donating to those in need, he asked for your help to get new equipment. He required the following to keep making a meaningful impact:

  • A double oven
  • A cake mixer

How The SweepSouth Foundation Assisted

To help Senzo in helping his community, we set up a fund with the goal of reaching R15 000. Thanks to the generous donations and love that poured in from all over, R4607 was raised, to which SweepSouth is adding 10%, or R460. Due to the fact that Senzo brilliantly reached the top 12 of The Taste Master SA, Season 3, his new oven has not yet been bought and given to him. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates later this month on the exciting handover! Click on the link below to read more about Senzo and how his dedication and talent helped him progress on the popular cooking show:


A Sincere Thank You

On behalf of Senzo, the entire team at SweepSouth would like to thank those who assisted in making his day, and changing his life. With your help, he can now positively impact the lives of so many others. If you would like to assist in helping a SweepStar in need, please visit the SweepSouth Foundation homepage, or contact foundation@sweepsouth.com for more information. Any support makes a substantial difference and is greatly appreciated.

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