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At SweepSouth, we aren’t only passionate about transforming homes, but also changing lives. When given the opportunity to lend a helping hand, we believe in reaching out wholeheartedly to uplift the lives of those that are in need. That is why the SweepSouth Foundation was formed, to create and inspire the waves of change that the world needs. 

In SweepSouth’s recent Annual Domestic Worker report, it was reported that the average domestic worker in South Africa can be described as a single caregiver who sacrifices basic needs to stretch their earnings and provide for their families.

Now, across the nation, South Africans are all feeling the collective impact of increasing food and petrol prices, as well as the recent loadshedding interruptions that have been detrimental to our livelihoods. So, in honour of Women’s Month, we are launching our 5th Foundation cause this month in support of 10 phenomenal, hard working women; or as we like to call them, SweepStars.

Our goal is to raise R15 000, of which each SweepStar will get a R1 500 hamper made up of groceries and essential household items.


  1. Esther Chatambudza – 3 dependants
  2. Ethel Mpofu – 6 dependants
  3. Zukiswa Jack – 4 dependants
  4. Pururudzai Mushiri – 3 dependants
  5. Sandra Ngoma – 4 dependants
  6. Maria Tebogo – 6 dependants
  7. Nyasha Vizharona – 5 dependants
  8. Chioniso Mushambi – 4 dependants
  9. Mamie Mabanza – 5 dependants
  10. Auxillia Mguni – 2 dependants


We’d like to thank you with a SweepSouth Home Service Voucher as a token of our gratitude for your support. 

All voucher codes will be issued to the email address provided when making your donation and you’ll receive your voucher via email, 3 days following your donation.

A Sincere Thank You

On behalf of the SweepStars, the entire team at SweepSouth would like to thank those who assist in making their day, and changing their lives. If you would like to assist in helping a SweepStar in need, please visit the SweepSouth Foundation homepage, or contact for more information. Any support makes a substantial difference and is greatly appreciated.

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