SweepSouth Safety, this new year

While our mission is to connect those needing cleaning services with the professionals who can provide that service, cleaning and sanitising has taken on a whole new meaning in the last year. No longer is home cleaning just a simple matter of booking a SweepStar, them arriving and getting the job done and off they go. COVID-19 has brought with it some significant challenges regarding proximity to people from other households, sanitation efforts as well as minimizing any form of contamination. At SweepSouth, customer and SweepStar health safety is one of our highest priorities, and we’ve figured out a number of ways to adapt to the new normal, while maximising safety during this time.

We’re still on a version of level 3 lockdown, but luckily 9pm curfew has moved to 11pm, the sale of alcohol is no longer banned and beaches are open again! So while the chance to socialise is less restricted, the three C’s – avoiding spaces that are closed, crowded or involve close contact, are still vital to ensure we curb the spread of the virus, and its new variations. To ensure your, and SweepStars’ safety, we’ve redefined what safety means to us during this time, and have set out strict safety protocols before, and during the booking process. 

Before your booking

If you’ve yet to make a booking, or are nervous to book with the second wave happening around us — although it does seem our second wave has started its decline — we’ve laid out specific safety steps, before your booking. Firstly, all SweepStars have undergone, and passed, sanitisation training. What exactly does sanitisation mean? It refers to going above and beyond ordinary cleaning (sanitation). It’s the reduction of bacteria to levels set by public health standards and decreases the risk of infection by killing a larger amount of bacteria. On top of this, all SweepStars confirm they are symptom free before they accept a booking. 

To give you even more peace of mind, we’ve added the option to provide private transport for your SweepStar. And in the event that you are unable to keep your booking, you are able to remove it or reduce the hours you originally committed to. We’ve even added a contribution feature if you would like to support your SweepStar, despite no longer having a booking in place.

During your booking

While this is all well and good knowing your SweepStar has had training before she/he arrives, what about your safety during your booking if you are home for the day? SweepStar education is a core mission of ours, and while the sanitisation training has already been covered, COVID-19 is a constant in our lives at the moment. With this in mind, safety education has to go further. SweepStar’s are trained and continually reminded about the three C’s, and so social distancing and mask wearing is a must.

If you aren’t entirely convinced that this is enough for you, our experienced and pre-vetted SweepStars are available for shorter bookings, and you can edit your booking to coincide with a meeting or outing, so that you are out of the house while it is being cleaned. It has been documented that transmission occurs mainly through infected droplets, and so through limited close contact, ensuring constant access to fresh air and mask wearing, your risk is minimised significantly.

Safety was always a priority at SweepSouth, but COVID-19 has required us to adapt and redefine what that means for our customers, SweepStars and the service we provide. We are constantly on top of the changes happening, and our mission is to provide you with a service that maximises your safety no matter what happens.

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