SweepStar Stories – From SweepStar To Onboarding Assistant

At SweepSouth, we know that our platform provides valuable employment opportunities to women, many of whom are the sole breadwinners in their families. But we’re also aware that many of our SweepStars dream of bigger things. Occasionally, we get to be a part of making those dreams happen, bringing in SweepStars to work in our Cape Town and Johannesburg offices.

One SweepStar who’s successfully made this transition is Zimbabwean born, single mom, Lindiwe Mbedzi.

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Prior to joining our platform, where she was a top-performing SweepStar, Lindiwe was an admin clerk. However, the birth of her daughter made it difficult to go back to work, especially as she had already registered to study for a Higher Diploma in management.

When a friend told her about SweepSouth, she realised the platform would be an ideal way to work and study at the same time because of the flexibility it allowed. With jobs received through our platform, Lindiwe managed to raise the money needed to pay her fees and raise her baby.

After five months of working as a SweepStar, Lindiwe saw an advert for an onboarding assistant posted on the platform.

Thanks to her motivation, drive, and personality, Lindiwe landed the job. A more stable income allowed her to purchase a laptop, making it simpler for her to complete her assignments.

“Getting the job also made me realise my potential and reignited my desire to advance my career,” Lindiwe says. “I believe I’m unstoppable and can succeed and excel at everything I put mind to”.

A large part of Lindiwe’s motivation is her daughter. “I feel she deserves much more than I have achieved,” she says.

Looking forward, Lindiwe hopes to finish her studies and pursue a career in management.

Given what Lindiwe’s achieved to-date, we wouldn’t bet against it.

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    1. Hi Mokgadi. Thank you for your comment.

      We are always looking to expand our team.

      SweepSouth provides an online platform where clients are able to gain easy access to reliable and trusted cleaners, known as SweepStars, to clean their home without any hassles.

      All SweepStars are required to have a clean criminal record and at least 2 years domestic cleaning experience or a professional qualification. Successful candidates are required to have their own smartphones. Foreign candidates are required to have a valid working permit. Should you meet the criteria, please visit https://sweepsouth.com/apply to apply.

      Good luck!

  1. Fantastic story!! A huge applause out to SweeSouth for developing this platform opening up copious amounts of opportunities for those reaching beyond SweepStar.

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