SweepStar Wins: What are SweepStars Paid?

Becoming a SweepStar is an empowering opportunity for all its users. Besides offering employment opportunities, SweepSouth is invested in upskilling, protecting and rewarding SweepStars too. 

Whether they’re looking for work for a single day, a week, or for a full calendar month, when SweepStars sign up to a platform like ours, the intention is to support, promote and enable every person to participate in the gig economy to increase their potential earnings.

What Are SweepStars Paid?

Based on their experience, SweepStars can earn as much as 96% of the total fee SweepSouth clients pay to make use of the service.

Simply put, for the first three months on the platform, a SweepStar earns  65% of the hourly rate the client pays for the booking. The initial rate covers the additional support required during the first few months, such as paid background and reference checks, and materials used and provided during onboarding. After that first three three-month period, SweepStars earn an average of 78% of the booking fee. 

Added to this is the opportunity for clients to tip SweepStars should they so wish.

Tipping was introduced so that we could allow clients who can afford to pay their SweepStars more, to do so. Tips are paid in full to SweepStars; SweepSouth takes no margin on tips paid to SweepStars and covers the bank processing fees to enable the SweepStar to receive the full tip amount.

As one of the ways we look to keep SweepStars and their hard-earned money safe, we process weekly payouts, including any tips earned, directly into SweepStars’ bank accounts while covering the deposit fee too. This not only means that the SweepStar receives full payment, with no deductions, we’re also actively reducing the risks associated with carrying cash.

Furthermore, regardless of the number of discounts we offer our clients, this does not affect the SweepStars’ earnings at all. Instead, the cost falls on SweepSouth ensuring that SweepStars receive the same amount as they would if a discount offer was not applied to the booking.

How Else Does SweepSouth Support SweepStars?

Earning potential aside, SweepSouth is also passionately invested in supporting SweepStars at every turn.

By way of example, the SweepStar app is zero-rated. This means that there are no data costs for SweepStars to make use of the app. We also provide access to basic financial literacy and savings training and access to low-cost bank accounts as part of our onboarding. SweepSouth also enjoys a partnership with Simply to offer all SweepStars life and disability cover. Finally, we’ve also partnered with The Warrior Project, an online portal that offers information and resources to victims of domestic and gender-based violence. 

According to Fairwork, a collaboration between the universities of Cape Town, the Western Cape, Manchester, and Oxford that ranks working conditions and standards in the gig economy, SweepSouth is noted for the fair treatment of people finding work through its platform. In addition to receiving points for fair pay, management and contracts, Fairwork has also noted that SweepSouth actively improved working conditions by providing work-related insurance, as well as the facilitation of worker voice mechanisms on the platform. 

Taking ownership of one’s reality is never easy, but SweepSouth puts the power in the hands of SweepStars. Employment promotes dignity and support for real-life challenges, all of which helps pave the way for all SweepStars to be able to deliver quality service and be paid above-and-beyond a respectful wage.

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