6 Swimming Safety Tips For Parents And Children

A swimming pool is a fun addition to any back garden, especially for cooling off on a hot summer’s day. The downside to home swimming pools is that there is a risk factor involved, particularly for young children. Although pools are a great way to keep your kids entertained in the summer holidays or on the weekends, they can also be incredibly dangerous if caution is not exercised. Luckily, as parents, you have the power to keep your kids safe. Here are the swimming safety tips you need to ensure your child can enjoy the pool without you having to worry about drowning. 

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How Can Kids Swim Safely?

  1. Deflate small pools not in use
  2. Keep the surrounding area clear
  3. Fence the pool off
  4. Swimming lessons
  5. Assign a watcher
  6. Hydration and sunscreen

1. Deflate Small Pools Not In Use 

If you have a small inflatable pool in your garden, make sure it’s only ready for use when you’re also outside supervising your children. When it’s not in use, it’s important to make sure that the pool is empty and deflated, to ensure that your children can’t use it without your supervision. 

2. Keep The Surrounding Area Clear

Keep outdoor furniture away from the edge of the pool. This is to keep children from climbing and jumping into the pool dangerously. 

3. Fence The Pool Off

If you have a built-in pool in the garden, make sure that it is properly fenced off by a gate that is at least 4 feet high and has a self-latching gate, so that it cannot be accessed without you being there. You should also make sure that no pool furniture is kept against the fence. 

4. Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons

Start your kids early with swimming lessons, especially if you have a pool outside. However, even if your kids can swim, always be there as a guide when they swim, as accidents can happen. 

5. Assign A Watcher

No matter whether you’re at a public pool or by the pool at home, small children must be supervised at all times. For instance, sometimes conditions in the garden can be a bit chaotic, like during a birthday party, or if there’s a crowd of children. So, it’s a must that parents constantly watch their kids in case of an emergency. 

6. Hydration And Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen

Hydration is often overlooked while swimming. This is because it’s hard to realise that you’re sweating and becoming tired in the water. A dehydrated child will have less energy, which heightens the chances of fatigue. Sunscreen is important for preventing sun damage while swimming. It’s a good idea to check the bottle instructions and apply sunscreen before and after swimming to minimise the risk of sun damage. These should be added to your list of 10 tips to keep cool this summer.


It’s important to follow these tips and be aware of the dangers around water and swimming. When it comes to younger children, they don’t have to fall into a large pool to drown; it can also occur in buckets, bathtubs and paddling pools. It’s important to stay together if you go to a lake or the beach, and everyone must remain vigilant. 

Drowning is preventable, as long as you follow the required safety precautions.

If you haven’t been in the pool for a while, it may need to be cleaned. Learn how to clean a pool the right way to thoroughly enjoy your summer days outdoors with friends and family.

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