7 Tips To A Cleaner, Happier Kitchen

The kitchen should be a place of pleasure, not frustration. But –and here’s the catch 22 – keeping the kitchen enjoyable means keeping it clean too. Here are our top 7 ways to spend less time cleaning, while still doing it properly… 1. Start with an empty sink. When you start with an empty sink you can rinse and load messy utensils and dishes immediately after using them instead of leaving them to sit piling up in the sink and becoming tougher to wash by the hour. Make sure you know how to clean the kitchen sink so that it doesn’t … Continue reading 7 Tips To A Cleaner, Happier Kitchen

Now 24% Cheaper and Here to Stay

We are excited to announce our price cut of 24% effective immediately. The price cut affects all future one time and recurring bookings that haven’t been paid for yet. A number of technological factors have enabled us to bring our original price of R50 down to R38 per hour whilst further increasing the professional cleaners’ share of the revenue. There are some further exciting developments that we will be sharing insight into in the first quarter of 2015, so please keep your eyes open for our next newsletter. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Festive Season and a Happy … Continue reading Now 24% Cheaper and Here to Stay

SweepSouth at Web Summit 2014

It’s been almost a month since Alen and I returned from Dublin, where we attended the Web Summit 2014. The conference is primarily technology focused, with startups attending and exhibiting and getting the chance to pitch, meet with investors and network. Apart from that, it has several offshoot “Summits”, like the Food Summit, Builder’s Summit, Marketing Summit and Sports Summit. It lasts over three days and there really aren’t enough days to fully enjoy all that it has to offer. The conference itself also has impressive stats, having had it’s inaugural event in 2010 with 400 people, and since growing … Continue reading SweepSouth at Web Summit 2014

Clean Home Technology

We at SweepSouth consider ourselves a key player in modernising access to domestic cleaning in South Africa. With our online platform, our attitude towards empowering domestic cleaners, and our approach in using technology as a tool to make getting your home cleaned hassle-free, we look forward to making our mark on the industry. Besides platforms like ours though, there are many other ways in which technology is being used to make the process of getting your place cleaned more pain-free. We list a few of these innovations below. ALMOST WATERLESS LAUNDRY Xeros, based in the US, has developed a commercial washing machine containing polymer beads … Continue reading Clean Home Technology

10 Ordinary Household Items, 10 Extraordinary Household Uses

At SweepSouth, we’re all for recycling, upcycling, or even downcycling (just don’t try to get us bicycling!). It’s therefore our pleasure to give you a list of some extraordinary things you can do with ordinary household items. Check it out below! 1. Packing Peanuts 2. Pantyhose 3. Plastic Milk Jugs 4. Ice-cube Trays 5. Shower Caps 6. Toothpaste 7. Baby Wipes 8. White Wine or Apple Cider Vinegar 9. Coffee Filters 10. Coke 1. Packing Peanuts Spritz (my favourite word) perfume on to packing peanuts and hide amongst clothes or bedding for some cheap but effective deodorisers. Another great use … Continue reading 10 Ordinary Household Items, 10 Extraordinary Household Uses