We’ve launched in the Jacaranda City

  We are happy to announce that SweepSouth is now operating in Pretoria in addition to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Centurion. We are excited to be growing our team of cleaners, and will be reaching more and more areas in the coming weeks. If you stay in these areas and are in need of a good home cleaning, book here. Otherwise, simply tell your friends and spread the news. We look forward to helping keep homes in the Jacaranda City tidy! Best regards, The SweepSouth Team Continue reading We’ve launched in the Jacaranda City

10 Ordinary Household Items, 10 Extraordinary Household Uses

At SweepSouth, we’re all for recycling, upcycling, or even downcycling (just don’t try to get us bicycling!). It’s therefore our pleasure to give you a list of some extraordinary things you can do with ordinary household items. Check it out below! 1. Packing Peanuts 2. Pantyhose 3. Plastic Milk Jugs 4. Ice-cube Trays 5. Shower Caps 6. Toothpaste 7. Baby Wipes 8. White Wine or Apple Cider Vinegar 9. Coffee Filters 10. Coke 1. Packing Peanuts Spritz (my favourite word) perfume on to packing peanuts and hide amongst clothes or bedding for some cheap but effective deodorisers. Another great use … Continue reading 10 Ordinary Household Items, 10 Extraordinary Household Uses

One Month Since Our Launch

It’s been a month since we launched our SweepSouth platform and it has certainly been an eventful one! The month included a few iterations to the design of the site, the introduction of a (pretty generous!) R100 discount on cleans, our Eco-Friendly products being launched, some awesome and inspiring meetings, and an upcoming change in our slogan (by popular vote from “We Clean Your Place.” to “You Click, We Clean.”). Considering that our platform is the first marketplace in South Africa dedicated to matching clients with professional cleaners, this was also a monumental achievement for us in that sense. Our first online booking … Continue reading One Month Since Our Launch