The Quickest Way To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Bathrooms aren’t the most pleasant rooms to clean, but regardless, it’s still necessary. It’s important to rid the shower, bathtub, and sinks of the inevitable buildup of dirt that will occur, especially for health reasons. Luckily, there are simple ways to clean the bathroom quickly. These methods can be added to your regular bathroom cleaning routine so that you can quickly and efficiently clean your bathroom from top to bottom. Whether you would like to use a commercial bathroom cleaner or a natural alternative, keep reading below to find out about the quickest and most efficient way to deep clean your bathroom.

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1. Declutter

To be able to properly clean your bathroom, you first need the right amount of space. To do this you need to get rid of empty shower gels and shampoo bottles, empty the bathroom bin, and place other random items that don’t need to be in there, just outside the door for the time being. This is also the best time to remove towels, bath mats, and the like, and place them into the washing machine for a wash. 

If your bathroom cabinet is full of half-used products and testers, this is also the best time to dispose of these clutter items, especially if you know they aren’t going to be used. 

2. Bathroom Tiles

Next, it’s time to clean the bathroom tiles. This should include the cleaning of your shower tiles as well as your bathroom floor tiles. Start by spraying the tiles that surround the bath or shower with your cleaner, and give them a good scrub, and follow by wiping them off with a clean, damp cloth. For the tiles in the shower, you can always use water from the shower head to rinse them off. For your bathroom to look that extra bit cleaner, you may want to clean the tile grout too, especially if you have porcelain tiles in the bathroom. 

3. Toilet Bowl 

To clean your toilet, you can pour a specialised toilet cleaner or white vinegar into the bowl and then scrub the toilet bowl quickly with a toilet brush or wand. Use a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the outside of the toilet and seat. 

4. Clean The Shower 

Next you can move on to cleaning the shower. Start by cleaning the surrounding shower glass. You can use a multipurpose spray to clean all areas of your shower or bathtub. If you don’t already know how, learn how to clean a shower head as well as how to clean shower doors to get the results you desire.

5. Clean The Taps

Tackle any stainless steel in your bathroom, including the taps if they haven’t been cleaned already. If you live in an area that has hard water, you’ll probably be familiar with calcium deposit build-up – you can clean this with a commercial or homemade cleaner. 

A useful natural cleaner for stainless steel in the bathroom is 1 ½ cups of baking soda, ½ a cup of dishwashing liquid, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of water. 

6. Wipe Countertops And Sinks 

Spray an all-purpose or homemade bathroom cleaner all over your countertops and sinks. Then use a microfiber cloth to clean the countertops first, followed by the sinks. 

7. Mirrors And Windows 

Use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to quickly spray and clean the mirrors, and any other glass including the windows. Learn how to clean windows with the useful tips and guidelines we’ve put together.

8. Floors

To quickly clean the floors, use a mop and your bathroom cleaner to make your floors shine. 
And there you have it, you can now clean your bathroom swiftly and enjoy the feeling of a happy, clean home. Using the right steps and the best natural or commercial cleaning products is all you need to clean your bathroom efficiently. And if you need assistance in keeping your bathroom clean, head over to SweepSouth where you can book a professional bathroom cleaning service.

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