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The Ultimate Guide to Stain Removal: Banishing Common Clothing Stains

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There’s a certain heart-stopping moment when a fresh spill hits your favourite piece of clothing – an unfortunate rite of passage we all experience from time to time. Whether it’s a drop of coffee, a smear of sauce, a splash of wine, or worse, fear not. This stain is not necessarily a death sentence for your beloved garment. With the right techniques and solutions, you can rescue your clothes and banish those stubborn stains for good. 

We have compiled an ultimate guide to cleaning tips and stain removal that breaks down how to tackle six common types of stains – coffee, blood, oil, sauce, wine, and food. And the key takeaway is: the faster you deal with a stain, the higher your chances are of completely eliminating it.

How to Remove 6 Common Clothing Stains

1. Coffee Stains

Everyone’s favourite drink to start the day with often has a way of escaping the cup and reaching your clothing. Luckily, the 5 steps below will help you eradicate those coffee stains:

2. Blood Stains

If you have an ‘oopsie’ which causes blood to stain your clothing, use the 5 steps below to clean up the blood stain:

3. Oil Stains

Use the 3 steps below to say goodbye to oil stains:

4. Sauce Stains

If you’ve ever worn a plain white item of clothing while eating a meal, you’ll know about the universe’s unwritten rule of a possible sauce stain. Use the 4 steps below to get rid of sauce stains from your clothes:

5. Wine Stains

If you’re a wine lover, this one will apply to you. Follow the 5 steps below to say goodbye to wine stains:

6. Food Stains

Depending on how many meals you eat per day, this will be the stain you’re at the highest risk of encountering. Follow the 5 steps below to enjoy clothing free of food stains:


Armed with this comprehensive guide to stain removal, you now have the knowledge to save your clothes from the most common culprits of staining. However, remember that laundry and cleaning can be time-consuming and intricate tasks. 

If you would rather save time and have a professional handle your laundry and stain removal needs, consider booking a SweepSouth cleaning service. As South Africa’s #1 home services platform, the professionals you can book on the SweepSouth platform possess expert knowledge in cleaning and stain removal, ensuring your clothes maintain their pristine condition and vibrant colours. Here’s to a future of stress-free cleaning!

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