Saying “Good Job” Just Got Easier – Tipping Now Enabled on SweepSouth

Know the feeling that you get when someone has gone over and above to give you great service, completely exceeded your expectations, and you’re in no way able to adequately show just how impressed you are? According to our customers, that’s how many of them feel after a SweepSouth clean– wanting to tip, but unable to express their gratitude when they discover their sparkling home, long after the SweepStar has left.

Although tipping your SweepSouth cleaner is not mandatory or expected, it’s become evident that many of our generous customers wish to reward great cleaning, so we’ve given you the option by enabling tipping on the SweepSouth app and website.

On the day of your booking, when you give a cleaner a three, four or five star rating after the clean, we’ll give you the option to tip her directly from your bank card, which is already preloaded under your SweepSouth profile. You can choose the amount you wish to tip your SweepStar and the money will automatically be deducted from your account – no cash, no fuss!

Ready to tip your SweepStar and make your life easier? Upgrade or download the SweepSouth App to access all the new features.

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