Top 8 Teams To Watch At The 2022 Soccer World Cup

Who is going to win soccer’s ultimate prize and come out on top at the 2022 Soccer World Cup? No one can give a definite answer to who the victors will be, but there are plenty of predictions making their way around the world involving FIFA’s highest-ranked football nations.

Have you made your predictions yet? If not, we’re going to give you a hint at which countries to include in your list. In no particular order, let’s look at the top 8 teams to watch at the 2022 Soccer World Cup. 

1. Spain 


The 2010 World Cup winners may have lost some time in the spotlight since their glory days in the 2000s and 2010s, but they’re making their way up the ranks again with some impressive recent results. Spain will be hoping to repeat their successes of being crowned FIFA team of the year from 2008 to 2013. Their only loss in the last 10 games came at the hands of Switzerland, which was a tightly contested game ending 2-1. Look out for the following Spanish players to be the frontrunners: 

  • Sergio Busquets (captain) – 139 caps
  • Ferran Torres – 30 caps
  • Álvaro Morata – 57 caps

2. Portugal

With a bronze medal in 1966 and a fourth-place finish in 2006, the Portuguese soccer team is itching to grab their first World Cup tournament victory. This year will be more crucial than ever for their captain, Christiano Ronaldo, to lead them to victory. In what is likely to be his last World Cup, the leading goal scorer will be hoping to add the coveted trophy to his long list of other titles and awards. The UEFA Euro 2016 champions will be helped by the following key players when searching for a Soccer World Cup 2022 result that could be a fairytale ending:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (captain) – 191 caps
  • Bruno Fernandes – 48 caps
  • João Cancelo – 37 caps 

3. France


The reigning World Cup champions are strong favourites to win the title again, and not just because the magnificent trophy currently occupies their cabinet. The amount of talent that fills the team is undeniable, and you won’t want to miss out on the display they put on. They also boast a second World Cup title to their name, won in 1998, plus a silver and two bronzes won in 2006, 1958, and 1986 respectively. Their two UEFA Euro gold medals also make them one of the best nations to ever play the game. Keep an eye on the following French players in this year’s World Cup:

  • Karim Benzema (2022 Ballon d’Or winner) – 97 caps
  • Kylian Mbappé – 59 caps
  • Raphaël Varane – 87 caps

4. Belgium

The bronze medallists from the 2018 World Cup can be expected to arrive in Qatar with a vengeance after failing to make the final last time round. With arguably the best midfielder in the world at the moment, in Kevin De Bruyne, the Red Devils are sure to make waves this year. They have a plethora of other talent who have helped them to victories in 8 of their last 10 matches. Keep a lookout for the following players who are sure to dominate the Qatar pitches:

  • Thibaut Courtois – 96 caps
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 93 caps
  • Romelu Lukaku – 102 caps

5. Argentina


Another team looking to have a fairytale ending for their best player is Argentina. The two-time champions in 1978 and 1986 will be hoping to add a third title to their trophy cabinet. Lionel Messi, one of the best to ever play the beautiful game, will be looking to one-up his longtime rival Christiano Ronaldo. The world has had the privilege of watching these two artists grace the fields with their immense talent for many years now, which has always led to the question of who is the world’s best. Could we see a final where the two face off and finally put an end to the argument? Watch out for the following players to make an impact for the Argentina soccer team:

  • Lionel Messi (captain) – 164 caps
  • Ángel Di María – 123 caps
  • Lautaro Martínez – 40 caps

6. Brazil

The most successful soccer team in the history of the World Cup will be looking to add to their extremely impressive record in Qatar. The Brazilian team is known for skill and flair that is not seen by any other team out on the pitch. The 5-time World Cup winners have enough talent in their team to make it number 6. Having won 8 and drawn the other 2 of their last 10 games, you can be sure that they’re on a track with only one destination in sight – the finals. Look out for these Brazilian players to make an impact on the field:

  • Alisson – 57 caps
  • Neymar – 121 caps
  • Vinícius Júnior – 16 caps

7. England


The Three Lions haven’t been able to capitalise on their recent near misses, but they’ll be hoping to change that in Qatar. Their fourth-place finish at the 2018 World Cup and silver medals at the Euro 2020 finals have made them even hungrier for success. They have gone all the way and lifted the trophy once before in 1966, but many fans believe this could be their year again. The following key players will be hoping to push their team to victory:

  • Harry Kane (captain) – 75 caps
  • Jude Bellingham – 17 caps
  • Bukayo Saka – 20 caps

8. Germany

One of the biggest rises and drops in soccer history saw Germany win the 2014 World Cup, but fail to qualify for the knockout stages in 2018. The four-time tournament champions are looking to bounce back though, and match Brazil’s record. With only 1 loss in their last 10 games, they certainly have the desire and talent to make it happen. These players will be making a difference in the hopes of lifting the trophy:

  • Thomas Müller (captain) – 118 caps
  • Kai Havertz – 30 caps
  • Manuel Neuer – 113 caps
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With so much talent spread across multiple nations, this Soccer World Cup promises to bring all of the thrills, goalkeeper spills, and memorable goals. Don’t even blink, or you could miss a moment etched in the history books. Make sure you’re informed on what you should know about the 2022 Soccer World Cup so that you’re up to date with all the action. Take note of fixture dates to highlight at the 2022 Soccer World Cup, and don’t forget to book a cleaning service with SweepSouth so that your home is ready for each and every game. 

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