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Understanding Your Pool: A Comprehensive Guide to Pool Cleaning Services

Professional Swimming Pool Technician Performing Seasonal Maintenance.

A sparkling, well-maintained pool is the heart of a happy home, especially during the hot summer months when it serves as a refuge from the heat. Yet, maintaining a pool can be a tedious and time-consuming task for homeowners. Enter professional pool cleaning services: an efficient solution to pool maintenance. 

This guide delves into what a pool cleaning service entails and provides cleaning tips by breaking down the process and various tasks involved. If you’ve ever wondered about the specifics of professional pool maintenance, or you’re considering a pool cleaning service, this article is for you.

The Intricacies of a Pool Cleaning Service

A professional pool cleaning service isn’t just about removing visible debris. It’s a meticulous process that ensures your pool is safe, clean, and functioning at its best.

1. Pool Inspection

Every professional pool cleaning service starts with a thorough inspection. This initial assessment helps professionals understand the current condition of your pool, including cleanliness, water quality, and the functionality of pool equipment.

2. Cleaning and Brushing

Once the inspection is complete, the actual pool cleaning begins. Professionals remove debris from the pool’s surface and floor, using nets or vacuum cleaners. Then, the pool walls and tiles are brushed to prevent a build-up of algae and microorganisms, ensuring your pool stays clean and safe.

3. Assessing and Treating Water Quality

A pool isn’t clean if the water isn’t healthy. Therefore, professionals assess the water quality, testing for pH, alkalinity, and sanitiser levels. Based on the results, they treat the pool with the appropriate chemicals. This might include adding chlorine, other sanitising agents, or balancing agents to correct the pH or alkalinity levels.

4. Equipment Checks and Maintenance

The pool’s filtration and pumping systems play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of your pool. As part of their service, professionals will perform regular checks, ensuring these systems are working optimally. This includes clearing skimmer and pump baskets of debris and cleaning or backwashing filters as necessary.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pool Cleaning Service

To truly benefit from a professional pool cleaning service, there are several steps homeowners can take.

1. Facilitate Access

Firstly, ensure professionals can easily access the pool area and the equipment. A clear path will save time and allow for a more efficient cleaning service.

2. Communicate Any Concerns

If you have noticed any issues or have particular concerns about your pool, let the professionals know upfront. Clear communication will help them address your specific needs.

3. Regular Maintenance

Even with a professional pool cleaning service, regular pool maintenance by the homeowner is crucial. Simple steps like removing visible debris and monitoring water levels can go a long way in keeping your pool in good shape.

4. Monitor Water Quality

In between professional services, keep an eye on your pool’s water quality. Purchase a basic water testing kit and learn how to use it. It will help you monitor pH and chlorine levels and take action if necessary.


Maintaining a pool doesn’t have to be a chore. With professional pool cleaning services, you can have a pristine pool without the stress of upkeep. SweepSouth, South Africa’s #1 home services platform, gives you access to a large number of vetted outdoor cleaning professionals, that offer a convenient and reliable pool cleaning service. 

Book a SweepSouth cleaning service, and enjoy a well-maintained pool without lifting a finger. Dive into convenience and let the experts at SweepSouth take care of the hard work.

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