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5 Unusual Cleaning Superstitions To Keep Your House Free From Bad Luck

5 Unusual Cleaning Superstitions To Keep Your House Free From Bad Luck

Although our society is enlightened and modernised, many still believe in superstitions. Some people touch wood, throw salt over the left shoulder, or avoid walking under ladders because of certain traditions or habits they’ve been instilled with. We could all use a little bit of luck. If you often find yourself crossing your fingers and toes or avoiding black cats, even though they are so cute, you could be a firm believer in superstitions. Following Halloween, here are 5 superstitions you may want to keep in mind when cleaning your home. 

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1. Don’t Sweep Over Someone’s Feet

One of the worst things you can do while sweeping is run the broom over another person’s feet. If you have any Jamaican relatives, they will tell you the same, as they believe if you run the broom over someone’s foot, it means that they will either go to jail or not get married. 

2. Don’t Bring An Old Broom Into A New House

It is considered bad luck if you bring an old broom into a new house. It’s believed that bringing an old broom into a new house will bring bad luck to you from your previous home. Sweeping with a new broom first will ensure that your luck isn’t brushed away. 

3. Be Careful With Brooms

There are two superstitions when it comes to brooms. Firstly, a broom should never touch the floor if you’re not using it. In Malaysia, it is believed to brush away luck in the house. Secondly, brooms shouldn’t be stacked together as it will cause quarrels and fights in the family.

4. Don’t Spill Salt

You may have heard from relatives while growing up that you shouldn’t spill salt, as it invites evil spirits into your home to perform evil deeds and cause the salt spiller bad luck. If you do happen to spill the salt, the next best thing to do is throw some over your left shoulder to restore luck immediately and prevent the evil spirits from causing bad luck. This superstition originates in ancient times when salt was incredibly precious, so spilling the salt was a huge waste and a warning of bad luck. 

5. Be Careful With Mirrors

Mirrors can be a vessel for misfortune. Breaking one is said to give you 7 years of bad luck, and according to old folklore, mirrors can steal souls. That is why Victorians traditionally covered their mirrors when someone died, to prevent their soul from being trapped inside. You best be careful and learn how to clean a mirror properly if you’re a superstitious person.


We hope that these superstitions turn your luck around at home. Another one to remember is to not take out your garbage after sunset; it’s better to wait until the next morning as it is believed to bring bad luck into the home and cause family members to argue. If you remember these few superstitions, you will surely reduce bad luck throughout your home for the rest of the year and years to come, if that’s what you believe.

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