Valentine’s Day Cards You Can Share With The Click Of A Button

Finding the right words to say on Valentine’s Day is not all about rhyming (even though we just did it there). Sometimes all you need is a few simple, yet heartfelt words to leave that everlasting impact your heart so desires from another. Have you thought about what you’re going to say? Have you bought or created a Valentine’s Day card that will speak volumes on the day that listens only to words of love?

If these thoughts haven’t yet crossed your mind, you’re in luck! We’ve put together some lovely Valentine’s Day cards for the special occasion, no matter who you’re celebrating with. Keep reading to find the right card for the special person in your life. If you aren’t sure what Valentine’s Day gifts to spoil them with, remember that a cleaning service from SweepSouth is sure to leave a smile on their face and a warm fuzzy feeling in their heart. 

Asking Someone To Be Your Valentine

We’ve all been there – sitting with our thoughts and wondering if they will combine to make the ideal words as we ponder asking someone to be our Valentine. These are the moments we’ll look back on and cherish most, but all we can think about in the moment is the rush of nerves. Use the card below to help ease that feeling when asking someone to be your Valentine:

Valentine’s Day Card For A New Relationship 

Congrats on your new relationship, and long may it last into the future. Could they be The One? Only time will tell, but we’re certainly rooting for you. If this is the first time you’re celebrating this significant day with your new partner, there are many Valentine’s Day ideas you can use to make it memorable. Here’s a card to help make their day extra special:

Valentine’s Day Card For A Long-Term Relationship 

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship that has stood the test of time, you’ll be an expert on all things Valentine’s by now. You’ve likely said “Happy Valentine’s Day” many different ways over the years, but love never runs out of ideas. Here’s a new way to wish your significant other all wrapped up in a lovely card:

Valentine’s Day Card For A Friend

Many people worldwide use the 14th of February as a day to celebrate their love for friends. This is a brilliant idea, as love is a feeling that’s not just bound to romantic relationships. If you’re still looking for a Valentine’s Day card to share your love for your friend, use the one below:


No matter how you celebrate it or who you’re sharing the occasion with, Valentine’s Day represents a feeling we could all use a little more of every day. Share the love generously and make someone’s day with a meaningful message from the heart.

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