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Valentine’s Day Picnic Ideas To Have Your Partner Swooning Over You

Valentine’s Day Picnic Ideas To Have Your Partner Swooning Over You

Don’t let the 14th of February creep up on you without at least one idyllic idea in mind to spoil your partner the way they deserve. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is around the corner! The heart-shaped chocolates, the large fluffy teddy bears, the sparkle emanating from a girl’s best friend through multiple store windows – the season of love is most certainly upon us. The question is, are you ready?

If you’re looking to treat your Valentine with something simple and enjoyable, yet still romantic, the SweepSouth team has set aside some Valentine’s Day picnic ideas just for you. The best part is that you get to decide on the location, the snacks, and any other lovely additions you’d like to add. Not sure where to go or how to create the perfect picnic? Keep reading to discover the best spots, tips, and Valentine’s Day picnic ideas for a day filled with love, laughter, and the most endearing moments.

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Botanical Garden Picnic

A botanical garden is a picturesque setting for a Valentine’s Day picnic. With an array of colourful flowers, lush greenery and serene ponds, botanical gardens offer a romantic and peaceful ambiance that is perfect for a romantic celebration. You can choose a spot near a pond or a waterfall for the tranquil sounds of water to fill the air, or find a quiet corner among the blooming flowers. If you’re one of the more adventurous couples out there, find a spot where a hike can be enjoyed before creating the perfect picnic date. 

Here are some beautiful botanical garden settings to choose from:

Wine Farm Picnic

Attention all wine lovers! Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, a wine farm offers a romantic and intimate setting for you and your partner to celebrate your love. Many wine farms have picturesque picnic spots where you can lay out a blanket and enjoy a delicious meal together. Pack a basket with your favourite snacks and throw in a bottle of wine from the winery, or choose from the delicious food offered on their picnic menus. 

After indulging in delectable treats, you can take a stroll through the vineyards, and even take a wine-tasting tour together to make it even more romantic. 

Find the romance at these suggested wine farms below:

Picnic Beside A River Or Dam

Even just the thought of a Valentine’s Day picnic beside a river or dam makes a person want to fall in love. Imagine spreading a blanket out on the lush grassy bank, surrounded by the peaceful sound of flowing water and the beauty of nature. Add to that a basket filled with your and your partner’s favourite treats and (hopefully) ideal weather, and you have yourself a date seen only in movies and dreams. As the sun sets, watch the colours of the sky change and reflect off the water, creating a picturesque and intimate setting for a special day with your Valentine. 

Try visiting one of these spots for a picnic date never to be forgotten:

Beach Picnic

If you live in a coastal city, you have the luxury of planning a romantic picnic on the beach. You can find a secluded spot away from the crowds and set up a picnic blanket in front of nature’s most beautiful show – the ocean. Some items that might come in handy for a beach picnic include sunscreen, a beach umbrella, and a beach towel. If you want to make it even more romantic, bring some candles and a portable speaker to play some soft music. 

Below are the beaches worth having a picnic at on Valentine’s Day:

Picnic At Home

There are many ways to make Valentine’s Day special, even if you’re staying at home. Create the ideal picnic setting by putting down a cosy blanket and pillows in your living room or backyard, and preparing a delicious meal to enjoy together. 

To make it even more special, you can add some candles and soft music to set the mood. 

You could also pull out a few board games to add some light-hearted fun, in between the reminiscing and romantic moments. The great thing about a picnic at home is not having to pack and unpack your car, so get comfy and enjoy the time together without worrying about the clock. Remember to book a cleaning service to ensure your home is sparkling and ready for the big day. 


Although February is the perfect time to spoil your partner with these Valentine’s Day picnic ideas, don’t forget to wake up every other day ready to share the magic of love. If you haven’t yet found the right words to say, check out these Valentine’s Day messages and quotes to gather some inspiration. 

P.S. If it’s a first date you’re going on, you’ve got this. We’re rooting for you!

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