5 Ways To Maximise Space In A Small Bedroom

Having a small-sized bedroom requires a little bit more thinking and creativity. You have to consider storage, arranging items in a tight spot, and how to decide what deserves a space in your room. When decorating a small bedroom, it’s also important to remember that the layout of the bedroom is everything, so once you have your furniture ready, then you can start adding pieces like soft bed linens, soothing accents, and artwork. Often, small spaces have to be minimalistic, but if you prefer maximalism and all the lovely colours and pattern styles, small bedrooms can work with that too. Here are 5 ways to maximise the space in a small bedroom. 

1. Utilise Shelves

Utilise shelves

The best way to organise your things in your bedroom is to put them on shelves. They are essential for a small space – the more shelves, the more storage space you have. Floating shelves are a nice addition to a small bedroom, especially if you don’t want to have a dresser or bedside table. You can also add baskets or other organisers to the shelves. 

2. Clean Often

Clean often

Cleaning is a necessary process to get rid of clutter and keep the room tidy. More clutter means more space is being wasted. You can start cleaning by removing dust in your room and freshening up the mattress with fresh bedding. All unnecessary items in your bedroom should be removed; if they don’t need to be there, find another place for them. If it’s something that isn’t needed at all, throw it away or donate it. Then you can start organising your clothes and essential items in your bedroom.

3. Use Mirrors

Use mirrors

Mirrors can work well to add the illusion of more space in a small bedroom. A large and well-located mirror will help guide extra light from outside, into your bedroom. 

4. Use Space Under The Bed If Possible

Use space under the bed if possible

Since your bed takes up the most space in your bedroom already, if you have an accessible space under the bed, why not use it as an extra storage space? Or, choose a bed with built-in storage, and use wooden crates to design your drawers. 

5. Use A Trunk At The End Of The Bed

Use a trunk at the end of the bed

Whether it’s a storage bench or an old-fashioned trunk, having one of these at the end of your bed is a smart way to maximise your storage in your bedroom. This method is a great way to utilise the space that you do have, and prioritises comfort by also acting as a seat while keeping your items stored. Whether you want to fold your bedding in the trunk or store different items, the options are endless. 

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These are some effective methods for creating the space you need in a small bedroom. Try out these tips to ensure that your sleeping area always remains stylish, spacious and comfortable. You may also want to paint your bedroom walls a neutral colour to enhance the feel of the space. You will be so happy that, despite having limited space, your bedroom can still feel open and more spacious than it already is. We hope these ideas help you to create more space in your bedroom.
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