We’re Adjusting Pricing

For the past four years since our founding, the SweepSouth Team have worked hard to bring you great value and stretch your hard-earned rands at the same time with our flexible booking hours options and ad-hoc vs regular booking plans. However, more recently, from increasing our benefits to SweepStars and customers (e.g. via comprehensive insurance to cover all bookings), to registering for VAT and absorbing VAT costs ourselves, we’ve been so conscious of not overburdening customers with the increases that have naturally come with running a growing business. At the same time, we’ve worked hard at improving our quality of service, increasing both SweepStar on-time arrival rates and average cleaning ratings both from SweepStars and customers significantly over the past year.

With increasing VAT effective 1 April 2018, a petrol price increase in April, and our SweepStars facing rising food and living expenses despite no significant increases in hourly rates over the last few years, the time has come for us to increase our pricing and our SweepStar payment rates correspondingly. There will, therefore, be an adjustment to our hourly booking fees. We know that price increases are never welcome, and will be working on the following features to ensure we continue to provide a valuable service to you and our SweepStars:

  • More involved training sessions for SweepStars during onboarding
  • Updates to our customer and SweepStar apps to facilitate better communication with the platform and with each other
  • Benefits and gifts for recurring/subscription customers
  • Benefits like insurance, and access to medical advice, for our SweepStars
  • Additional skills building for SweepStars through in-person and virtual training

These features are in addition to our existing platform that provides a safe, convenient and hassle-free way to connect clients to great, vetted cleaners. We do so at affordable, flexible rates that are also fair to SweepStars (who earn on average 80% of the total booking fee), and via seamless and easy-to-use technology that gives multiple payment options and the security of a satisfaction guarantee.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and commit ourselves to continuing to add value and to be of service to you.

Best regards,
The SweepSouth Team

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