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What Do I Need To Know About Tile Cleaning?

What Do I Need To Know About Tile Cleaning?

Are you looking to have your tiles cleaned professionally, but not sure where to start? It’s an important part of home cleaning, some would even argue the most important part. The reason being is that your tiles and floors experience tons of foot traffic from shoes that track in all kinds of debris and unwanted allergens. 

Make the best choices when it comes to tile cleaning so that you can keep your floors in a state you’ll be proud of. Ask the right questions and you’ll have no problem keeping spotless tiles. What questions are those? Let’s find out below as we take you through the ins and outs of tile cleaning.

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Is Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Worth It?

Getting your tiles and grout cleaned professionally in between having them cleaned on a surface level is important for various reasons. Let’s look at the health and aesthetic reasons that support professional tile cleaning below:

How Often Should You Get Your Tiles And Grout Cleaned Professionally?

You should get your grout and tiles cleaned by an expert in the field every 6 to 9 months for your tiles to be kept in pristine condition. SweepSouth offers more general tile cleaning services as part of our long list of professional home cleaning services. Depending on how much foot traffic your home receives, it’s a good idea to mop your bathroom tiles at least once a week, and mop the tiles in the rest of your home at least once every two weeks. 

How Do Professionals Clean Tile Floors?

Professionals generally go through a four-step process when restoring your tiles and grout to its best condition. Let’s take a look at each step below:

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Tiles?

The cost for tile and grout cleaning will be based on the size and number of floors needing to be cleaned. If you book a home cleaning service with SweepSouth, a vetted and experienced SweepStar will give your floors a general clean while also taking care of the rest of your home. You’ll be saved from having to do any mopping or sweeping at all. Download our app or visit our online booking page today to receive an obligation-free quote.

How To Clean Tiles?

If you’ve got some time on your hands and want to clean the tiles yourself, find out how to clean porcelain tiles to keep a happy and healthy home.


With the answers to these questions in mind, you can make the best decisions possible for your tiles. Remember to maintain a regular tile cleaning schedule, both on a surface and deeper level. Enjoy the look of sparkling tiles after having them cleaned, and share these helpful tips with your friends and family so that they can experience the same elation.

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